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How EPOS will help driving science with the realization of one single platform that brings together all European Earth science data


EPOS is the European Plate Observing System, the integrated solid Earth Sciences research infrastructure approved by the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) and included in the ESFRI Roadmap in December 2008. Its aim is to create a pan-European infrastructure for solid Earth Science to support a safe and sustainable society, by integrating about 300 research institutions from 25 European countries and 4 international organisations and heir related Earth Science facilities, associated data and models together with the scientific expertise into one integrated framework for solid Earth Science.

Through the integration of data and research infrastructures such as EUDAT (learn more about the EPOS & EUDAT collaboration here), EPOS will tackle the “data deluge” issue, allowing scientists and citizens to openly and easily access an ever-increasing amount of rich and interoperable data.

The main challenge for the achievement of the EPOS single integrated Earth sciences platform will be creating a central hub where scientists will be able to discover the 10 different Thematic Core Services (TCS) including interoperable cross-disciplinary data, data products, services and software, providing:
  • Services & contact for objective Earth sciences data and information
  • European knowledge, emerging trends, training, jobs & business opportunities
  • New products, services & concepts for the public domain
  • Springboard for users to develop their own concepts with EPOS data
As partner of the project, Trust-IT is engaged in the Communications and Outreach activities, with the realisation of the EPOS Website and the implementation of its digital strategy
Based on scientific validated content provided by the solid earth and IT researchers in the project, Trust-IT is in charge of the actual communication activity, from the identification of the specific target audience, the suitable messaging formats, planning and actual messaging. 
“With the support of Trust-IT we have created 10 Thematic Core Services Mini-sites: actual websites in the website, allowing each community to communicate their specific services, data and information, with personalised style, independent content input, smoothly integrated in the overall website concept and look-and-feel” (Massimo Cocco, INGV, EPOS-IP Project Coordinator).
The EPOS social communication plan focuses on building strategic links with other projects, strengthening connections among project partners and communicating with scientists and researchers, allowing the project to successfully interact with an online community which reflects the target of scientists and researchers in the Earth Science area. 
A fundamental element to the realization of the project was the development of the EPOS intranet, an advanced, secure collaboration framework, currently used by more than 500 users, which allows a successful, fast and efficient exchange of data and information within a safe and protected environment. 
“Having Trust-IT by our side has been extremely valuable: they have done a great job at the two integration meetings and have provided key on-line tools to help our large consortium work together.” (Lilli Freda, EPOS-IP Project Director, Researcher at INGV).
Finally, as part of Trust-IT’s commitment, there is the ongoing consolidation of the project’s online presence, made possible by the daily activities currently in place that allow the active interaction with users through social media channels and the website. 
As a result of a coordinated strategic effort among all partners, the EPOS infrastructure is expected to allow the Earth sciences to achieve a step change in our understanding of the planet, enhancing the standard of living across Europe.
Discover more about EPOS on its official website

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