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EUDAT launches its first EUDAT & Research Data Management (RDM) Summer School: a unique chance for researchers and scientists to deeply explore the field of Data Management

Although our European e-infrastructure scenario already offers an extended variety of services and tool for all European citizens, there is still a few questions researchers and data scientists ask themselves:
  • “I am a researcher and would like to know which services could help me during different phases of my research, and under which conditions I can use the services.”
  • “As a scientist on a data intensive project, I need to understand how to make use of e-infrastructures for the analysis, curation and provenance of my results, and how to publish the data to make it accessible for other researchers.”
  • “There are so many data services around; how can I set up and carry out my data management?”
In order to answer them, European project EUDAT has just launched its very first Summer School focusing on Research Data Management, which will take place in Heraklion (Greece), on 3-7 July 2017.
Thanks to this intensive course, attendees will understand how the international e-infrastructures, which originate in different fields of research, are building blocks to allow a more integrated solution to meet their needs. 
As EUDAT’s partner, Trust-IT has been greatly involved in the organization of the EUDAT & RDM Summer School, contributing to design an effective and exhaustive programme that would fulfil the training’s objective: to equip participants with increased knowledge about Data Management and EUDAT data services demonstrating how to use the available tools throughout the Data Lifecycle.
Are you an early-career research or data scientist interested in furthering your career in data management, data science or digital preservation? EUDAT is offering two different scholarships (check out financial contribution details here)! Make sure you submit your application by Monday 17th April 23:59 CET (click here to submit)

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