Mission: The European Chapter of the Open Grid Forum (OGF.eeig)

The “European Chapter of the Open Grid Forum E.E.I.G.” (OGF.eeig) is a European Economic Interest Grouping legal entity designed to extend the OGF model to Europe in alignment with OGF’s mission, strategy and leadership to drive and harmonise networked actions across Europe and globally.

OGF.eeig is governed by an internal regulation ensuring synchronisation mechanisms with OGF and managing structure to execute on expected synergies in Europe. OGF.eeig has two SMEs as its founding organisations – Trust-IT Services Ltd and Innotec Srl – both with consolidated experiences in IT research and development. OGF.eeig has its legal entity in the UK and its operational premises in Pisa, Italy.

More specifically, OGF.eeig is chartered with:

  • Expanding active participation of European public and private individuals and organisations in the work of OGF.
  • Channelling European achievements, priorities, requirements and policies into OGF’s global strategy for standardisation and grid adoption.
  • Delivering global Distributed Computing Infrastructure (DCI) advances, best practices and specifications to European scientific and commercial entities.

By its Article of Association, OGF.eeig re-invests all possible profits in the activities of the EEIG specified in the mission summarised above. OGF.eeig co-ordinated OGF-Europe’s Industry Expert Group (IEG), comprising distinguished members of the community chartered with evaluating how Distributed Computing Infrastructures and particularly cloud computing are transforming the commercial landscape.

Current Achievements & Initiatives

  • Trust-IT Managing Director serves on OGF's Board of Directors to help shape its strategy
  • OGF.eeig was instrumental in setting up OGF's Research Group on Digital Repositories in May 2010, serving also as co-chair
  • OGF.eeig served as Technical Co-ordinator of the European project OGF-Europe (February 2008-March 2010) OGF-Europe Testimonials from standards leaders and the wider community
  • OGF.eeig are authors of the OGF Member Sponsorship Package (available in June 2010)
  • OGF.eeig serves as Technical Co-ordinator of the EC-funded SIENA initiative
  • OGF.eeig leads Dissemination in VENUS of the EC-funded VENUS-C project
  • OGF.eeig participates in the EC-funded project RESERVOIR

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