Oct 10, 2011

World-significant Synergies for Standards

This week our SIENA initiative on the implementation of standards for European e-Infrastructures strengthens its synergy with the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to lead the way for complementary global solutions at the OASIS International Cloud Symposium, Slough, UK.
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In April 2011, the US Ambassador to the EU, William Kennard, called for an intense dialogue on standards for cloud computing: "The EU and US must work together to offer a credible response to the emergence of cloud computing. There is a 'new sense of urgency' to debates about privacy, IPR and data protection, because of the increasingly rapid move towards holding data in large third-party servers around the world. The differences between the US and Europe pale compared with the differences that we have collectively with the rest of the world, and that is the value in having an intense dialogue on these issues. The resrt of the world is watching".

Cloudscape III (15-16 March 2011), part of the SIENA flagship cloud computing workshop series, paved the way for the 'win-win' synergy with NIST, particularly their complementary roadmapping activities that have helped pinpoint common requirements and recommendations to align future steps. SIENA and NIST are poised to take this synergy to new levels at the OASIS International Cloud Symposium at Ditton Manner in Slough with an interactive session on 'International Roadmapping Projects: Progress & Trends', Wednesday 12 October. SIENA will be in attendance from Monday through to Wednesday to engage with the impressive line-up of speakers and panellists as part of the intense dialogue.

The SIENA Session shines the spotlight on the assets, capabilities, human capital and best practices of Europe's six Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCIs) to define an action agenda to harness this expertise particularly in government and commercial settings. To set the scene, short presentations will be given by Luis Busquets, GÉANT and e-Infrastructures Unit, European Commission & SIENA EC Project Officer; Robert Bohn, Lead of the Reference Architecture Group, NIST and Michel Dresher, Technical Manager at The floor will then pass to the panellists: John Borras, OASIS and SIENA Roadmap Editorial Board member, Robert Bohn, NIST; Michel Drescher,; Jerry Horton, Chief Information Officer, US Agency for International Development; Steve McGibbon, Regional Technology Officer for Western Europe, Microsoft and David Wallom, VP Community OGF. Silvana Muscella, SIENA Technical Director, chairs the session.

SIENA - Standards & Interoperability for eInfrastructure Implementation Initiative. Interactive session on International Roadmapping Projects: Progress & Trends, Wednesday 12 October 2011, OASIS International Cloud Symposium, Slough (near London), UK.

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