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Save the Date & Have a Toast with our exceptional Artists: Open House 2017, where digital & culture meet.

PI Management, Trust-IT Services, COMMpla, Innotec and AQdex are pleased to invite you to the 2017 Open House, an annual event that has now reached its 9th edition.
In keeping with tradition, several local artists will show you their artworks, and you will get a chance to meet them in person and have them tell you more about their work and passion for the ineffable world of art. The exhibition will include art pieces by Guido Bartoli, Emma Catalano, Giuliano De Martini, Silvia Forzoni, Alessandro Grazi, Daniela Maxia, Olga Renda e Ilenia Rosati
This will be a unique opportunity for all art lovers and friends to join us for a drink while enjoying an evening dedicated to art and becoming more familiar with the digital world too.
The aperitivo will be from 18:00 to 22:00 at via Nino Bixio 25, Pisa...We look forward to meeting you there!
Click here to download the event's poster.



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