OGF-Europe Testimonials

Craig Lee - former OGF President

"OGF-Europe has been an invaluable asset to OGF's global mission by organizing many community outreach seminars and workshops throughout Europe and at OGF's European events in Barcelona (OGF23, June 2008), Catania (OGF25, March 2009) and Munich (OGF28, March 2010). These events and the Cloudscape Workshops have been tremendously successful, enabling OGF to bring together cloud experts and major stakeholders from across Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America in recognition of the fact that driving cloud standards will be critical to genuinely realizing the benefits of cloud computing. It is OGF-Europe's distinct achievement that this is happening under the purview of the European Union."

"As the focus has shifted towards cloud computing, it is crucial that we evaluate the impact on enterprise IT from the perspectives of technology, policy and interoperability, bringing a better understanding of the benefits and challenges as we move towards new frontiers. Through close interaction with European enterprises, OGF-Europe and its Industry Expert Group has been instrumental in aligning OGF standards and best practices with the needs of industry." Fabrizio Gagliardi, EMEA Director at Microsoft Research & Chair of the Industry Expert Group in OGF-Europe.

"Data Management has been one of the key topics in distributed and Grid computing for many years. The Digital Repositories Research Group in OGF is taking this topic to the next level exploring commonalities in different architectures and metadata handling. The outcome of this group will give a major push to interoperability of digital repositories and ease their exploitation in distributed computing environments." Erwin Laure, Director of PDC-HPC, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

"Following an extensive period of development of the underlying infrastructure we are now at a turning point where the developed and profiled standards are in a position to be rolled out into a number of communities. Through the outreach seminars and our support for interoperability efforts. OGF-Europe has been able to push both requirements back into the standards community from these users and increased awareness of the breadth of what has been achieved in open standards communities, as well as the number of adopters and the wealth of case studies that can be used to give confidence to the users about utilising open standards and open software." David Wallom, Oxford eResearch Centre and OGF-Europe who has been serving as VP of eResearch in OGF since 2009

Testimonials on the Cloudscape workshop series and OGF European events organised by OGF-Europe

Cloudscape I - January 2009

"I've never attended an event where so many people understood what I was doing and offered me encouragement and assistance to pursue my ideas. Now I'm even more sure that we have an innovative product. I intend to join OGF and attend future events." David Woolls, CFL Software Ltd, UK - a European SME

"This truly international event brought together experts from various industries, governments organisations and academic institutions, which resulted in an exchange of ideas and perspectives on cloud computing that proved very insightful for speakers and audiences alike. I look forward to participating in the next one." Stefan van Overtveldt, BT

OGF European Events

"OGF23 is one of the first times that China Mobile participates in OGF. We hope to learn the state of the art of grid and cloud computing technologies and their successful applications. Because cloud computing is our new research point, our technology roadmap has not yet totally fixed, so we need more ideas from different organisations and different countries. This trip to Barcelona will be very important for us." Leitao Guo, China Mobile Research Institute on OGF23, June 2008, Barcelona, Spain

"Events like OGF25 are really important opportunities to share knowledge and learn about OGF standards that can benefit different user communities. We have learnt a lot about existing and evolving standards and Open Source products needed to evolve the virtualisation of machines and orchestrate this environment. We intend to explore further." Piero Poccianti, Monte dei Paschi di Siena Banking Group on OGF25, March 2009, Catania, Italy

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