Common Dissemination Booster Service 1 - Portfolio IdentificationService 1 - Portfolio Identification
Define your portfolio of results and attributes in common across the Project Group.

Join forces with other projects to complement and reinforce your results! The CDB will help you to define a compelling portfolio of results across your Project Group. Fully exploit diversity and leverage commonalities in your CDB Project Group to better address a wider set of stakeholders, eager to learn about your results. We’ll also help you to identify other related projects in order to expand your project group further

Pre-requisites: None

STEP 1 - Pre-analysis Study
Fill in the CDB on-line questionnaire. An expert team of disseminators will analyse your input and set your work in a broader perspective.

STEP 2 - Technical Debate
Join the CDB team in a stimulating 2-hour conference call and understand your Project Group’s landscape mapping all projects results in a global vision and positioning them in state-of-the-art scenario.

STEP 3 - Portfolio Delivery
Receive your take-away: a tailored portfolio of results from your Project Group highlighting commonalities and synergies as well as diversity and complementarities, with a keen eye to timing and stakeholder grouping.
Your ingredients for enhanced, successful dissemination!

Common Dissemination Booster Service 1 - Portfolio Identification


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