Common Dissemination Booster Service 1 - Portfolio IdentificationService 3 - Portfolio Dissemination Plan Development
Plan how to use dissemination tools to reach the right audience in the right way at the right time.

What is better than a truly impact-driven approach for your dissemination?
Let the CDB help you to devise the most effective market-facing dissemination strategy to maximise uptake of complementary results within your CDB Project Group.

Pre-requisites: Portfolio of research results and Stakeholder/End-user mapping (or output from CDB Service 1 and CDB Service 2).

STEP 1 - Assessment
Fill in the CDB checklist to provide background information on the projects’current dissemination practices, tools, objectives and metrics to measure impact.

STEP 2 - Planning
Learn when and how to Dissemination Plan interact with press/media, business/trade and sectorspecific associations, when and how to engage in joint actions.
Find out how to set your key performance indicators (KPIs) and best practices to monitor your results.

STEP 3 - Convergence
Join a 2- hour virtual call for open discussion and insights on the Portfolio Dissemination Plan (PDP); get experts’ advice to pinpoint the PDP to match projects’ specific needs and timelines.

STEP 4 - Delivery of Portfolio Dissemination Plan
Get your take-away: a synthesis report including tailored joint and individual Portfolio Dissemination Plan ready for use with a clearly defined Roadmap and Dissemination Toolkit.

Common Dissemination Booster Service 3 - Portfolio Dissemination Plan Development


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