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EU tackles cybersecurity & privacy threats with a brand-new EU Observatory on Cybersecurity & Privacy:

The increased prevalence of web services and the emergence of Internet of Things promises to make the lives of European citizens both easier and more enjoyable. However, the rise of cyber criminality  and diminished privacy on the web means that there is a real risk that it will not be possible to realise all the potential benefits of the future networked society. 
Recognizing this, governments and international organizations, as well as enterprises, have launched a plethora of cybersecurity research and innovation actions to address this situation. 
In order to achieve the objectives of the EU cybersecurity strategy, as well as the Digital Single Market strategy, the European Commission and the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) recently signed a c-PPP on the 5th of July 20162. The new c-PPP (the contractual Public-Private Partnership) on cybersecurity will enable European citizens to access innovative and trustworthy European solutions (ICT products, services and software) taking fundamental rights, such as that to privacy, into consideration. Moreover, it will support European industry in tackling cyber threats, while strengthening cooperation and triggering up to €1.8 billion of investment by 2020. Within this framework, brand-new project, funded by the European Commission's H2020 programme, aims at raising awareness in the mission of democratising cybersecurity for all, responding to the objectives of the c-PPP.
As coordinating partner of, Trust-IT Services has strategically positioned itself at the very heart of this, given it is high level of expertise developed in the area of cybersecurity and privacy. Trust-IT’s knowledge in the field ranges a full 360°and covers the technological aspects as well as the policy, economic and social implications of cyber-attacks., spanning over 48 months, will directly impact the c-PPP and DSM actions related to cybersecurity by implementing and maintaining an EU Observatory to monitor Research & Innovation initiatives on cybersecurity & privacy and support clustering and collaboration between projects. 
An online catalogue of innovative services emerging from projects will be published and feed into an online Cybersecurity and privacy marketplace of solutions, ready for end-users (from the private and public sectors) who wish to acquire tools and support to keep their infrastructures “cyber-safe”.  
As coordinator of and one of the first SME members to join the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), Trust-IT will play an important role in ensuring the alignment of both initiatives and a streamlined and successful collaboration.
In addition, with Trust-IT leading a rigorous communication and outreach campaign to sensitise its stakeholders you can expect to see the new project on your radar. And if you are a small business, then watch this space as we’ll be launching our own “SME end-users club”, giving you the opportunity to showcase your latest cybersecurity and privacy solutions, or access what is available on the market, giving visibility to your business profile and contributing to the growth of our online marketplace.
Trust-IT leads a strong and complementary consortium of partners in with an eclectic array of expertise in this stimulating and timely initiative.  These include one of the most prominent Academic Centres of Excellence in CyberSecurity Research, the University of Oxford’s e-Research Centre.  Leading expert in cyber law and Advisor Member and Scientific Director of the European Privacy Organisation, the ItaIian law firm ICT Legal Consulting, specialized in information and communication, new technology, privacy and data protection, and intellectual property law. The association representing the interests of ICT SMEs within Europe, The Digital SME Alliance.  An authoritative SME in fighting cyber-crime and cyber-terrorism, Conceptivity. Rounding up the consortium is the active Spanish cybersecurity cluster, AEI Ciberseguridad, and one of the major risk services firms and insurance brokers in the world specialised in cybersecurity and privacy, AON. 
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