EGI Conference 2022

EGI Conference 2022


The EGI Conference 2022, hosted by EGI and CESNET will take place on 20-22 September 2022 in Prague, with this year's focus on the questions – how will innovative computing services and solutions help to build a better research ecosystem? How can we work towards innovation? And what opportunities are there for new collaborations?

The Data Driven Policy Cluster: AI4PublicPolicy, DECIDO, DUET, IntelComp, and PolicyCloud, will have a workshop at the event focused on the following:

  • Data usage improving public policies and policymaking, to be illustrated by the project pilots (e.g., forecasting and transferability);
  • How could different pilots use each other's data?

Policy Cloud's Nikitas-Marinos Sgouros, a Professor at the University of Piraeus, will give a demonstration of the Politika component of the Policy Cloud platform, an interactive, web-based meta-simulation framework for policy analysis and design.

This session aims to raise awareness of the cluster of projects and disruptive technologies they develop for the public sector. In addition, the session will foster collaboration between the EGI researchers and the public authorities in decision-making with the use of research data and advanced tools for the benefit of society. 

Together for Tomorrow - join us on a journey of turning ideas into reality, recognising the fact that big ideas require collaboration.

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Our role

Trust-IT initiated the formation of the Data Driven Policy Cluster, as Communications partner in the Policy Cloud project, and has continued to coordinate the Clusters efforts, including the application for EGI2022 and the structure of the workshop.

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Publication date: 18Aug2022

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Julie Abergas-Arteza

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