QMC Hands-on Summer Workshop

QMC Hands-on Summer Workshop


On 20-23 June 2022, the TREX project, together with the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS), Institute of Physics SAS (IPSAS), and National Competence Centre for High Performance Computing (NCC for HPC) organised the QMC Hands-on Summer Workshop taking place in Mojmírovce, Slovakia.

QMC Hands-on Summer Workshop, organised in presence, will provide a complete overview of and hands-on experience with the QMC methods and their application to both molecular (Quantum Package and CHAMP codes) and extended systems (TurboRVB). The codes implement the Variational and Diffusion QMC algorithms. The tutorials and training activities will be managed by world-leading experts in the respective fields of QMC who all are part of the TREX European Centre of Excellence in Exascale Computing.

Main goals:

  • Provide participants with a general overview of QMC foundations and their adaptation to simulations of molecular and periodic systems;
  • Provide an overview of the hot current topics in molecular, crystalline, and low-dimensional systems;
  • Provide hands-on experience with practical QMC simulations based on CHAMP and TurboRVB simulation codes.

To register and check the programme for this workshop, visit the #QMCworkshop event page.

Registration is open until 26 May 2022, 17:00 CEST.



Call for Poster

Participants are invited to submit their poster contributions and present results and ongoing activities at the TREX summer workshop.

The best poster winner will get the opportunity to be financed as a visiting student for one week at the Institute of Physics SAS in Slovakia, with food and accommodation covered by the TREX project. This is a great opportunity to learn more from the HPC experts and explore Mojmírovce, Slovakia at the same time.

The posters will be assessed by the #QMCworkshop Program Committee for their relevance to the workshop topics and their potential impact on the discussion.

The deadline for submission is extended until 19 June 2022, 17:00 CEST.




Our role

Trust-IT is in charge of the activities of communication and dissemination. Trust-IT co-organised this event as one of the event committees, promoting the event in an omnichannel way, communicating with the registered participants, collecting information and material that could be helpful to disseminate to raise awareness of the project's activities, and creating this post-event report. We provided also IT support during the event taking care of the recording, and giving everyone the possibility to rewatch the event or watch the highlights.

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Publication date: 24May2022

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