Group description

RECOTRANS is a group of four projects (RECOTRANS, Jospel, Eliot, Sparta) addressing the development of novel methodologies for a more effective integration of unconventional technologies for multi-material processing into manufacturing systems, organised under the Horizon Results Booster programme (HRB) of the European Commission.

The projects aimed to obtain high quality lightweight multi-materials at high production rates, reduce production cost, energy consumption and time to market, reduce CO2 emissions coming from vehicles, truck, automotive and railway, and design and manufacturing of a novel and eco-efficient scrapping methodology of reinforced fiber structures to achieve significant environmental benefits and improve life cycle analysis. Providing solutions to address these, Trust-IT supported them by organising a conference.

Our role

  • Development of a joint portfolio of research and innovation results
  • Mapping of relevant stakeholders.
  • Creation of visual materials for joint activities and promotion. 
    • Factsheet
    • Video 
  • Capacity building to improve the group's communication and dissemination skills (definition of KPIs, presentation and pitch tips, Website and search engine optimisation (SEO), copywriting, using social media, newsletters, promoting and organising events, policy brief and more).

Trust-IT Services supported the group in the organisation of the RECOTRANS Final Conference (29 September 2021), a Virtual Event that highlighted the key-outputs of the projects and gathered like-minded research projects focused on the development of novel materials, technologies and methods for an efficient manufacturing and composite recycling concepts. 

This action was executed by carrying out the following actions: 

  • Conceptualisation of the overall event idea. 
  • Definition of the event format.
  • Extensive Stakeholders Campaign. 
  • Elaboration of Graphic elements for the web channels. 
  • Practical management of the event.

Interested in receiving free dissemination support?

The Horizon Results Booster (HRB) supports the effective transfer of research and innovation project results to policymakers, industry, and society by offering various services such as dissemination, exploitation strategy development, and business plan development to projects supported under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) or Horizon 2020 funding schemes related to the European Commission Priority areas. Trust-IT is one of the founding Partners of HRB and proudly delivers the Portfolio Dissemination services (Service 1, Module A and Module B).