European forum of the software research community - Open Call for Fellowship Applications

21 Jul 2022

The Open Call for Fellowship Applications is now open!, a CSA supported under European Commission’s Cloud and Software (Unit E.2) of Shaping Europe’s digital future, looking to give out up to 10 grants to qualified graduate students, researchers, and practitioners in computer science, software engineering, or a related area, to write blogs for the website. Recipients will to write about topics such as AI, Green Computing, Cybersecurity, Open Source, and more.

Recipients will receive 30€/hr to contribute 10 stimulating, informative, and opinionated blog posts on our online forum, at a rate of once a fortnight. The total grant is worth €1200 per recipient.

This is your opportunity to inform the community and express your opinions on some of the most important challenges in software technologies today!

Submission Procedure

Applications in this Open Call are being accepted through 31 July 2022. Please use the application form to submit the following.

  • A brief Curriculum Vitae (one to two pages) describing your background and areas of interest.
  • An example of your writing. This may be a reference or link to a post you have previously written, or alternatively a brief (approximately half-page) sample blog post written for your application that allows us to see your writing style and interests.

Your application will be evaluated by our committee by 15 August 2022. The reference period of activity is September 2022 through March 2023.


Our role

Trust-IT leads the activities related to communication, dissemination and development of all branding, graphics, web development and community engagement. Trust-IT has designed and implemented the online platform and online forum, growing the SW community. Trust-ITis also providing input to WP2, especially to the taxonomy definition as part of the work in the Project Radar. Trust-IT is also supporting consortium partner UOXF in the market readiness assessments, and contributing to the generation of the research roadmaps and in the engagement of end users and industry to help support the Policy dialogue in strengthening EU excellence around software engineering.

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Publication date: 21 Jul 2022

Article by

Julie Abergas-Arteza

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