Horizon Results Booster

12 Oct 2020

Steering research towards strong societal impact, concretising the value of R&I activity for societal challenges

Trust-IT Services has embarked on a challenging and exciting new adventure called the Horizon Results Booster, coordinated by META-Group and involving, together with Trust-IT Services, other three partners: BDO Italy, ICONS, and ECORYS, and PNO consultants as subcontractor.

The project follows on from the Common Dissemination Booster (CDB), which Trust-IT coordinated from Sep 2017 to Jun 2019, demonstrating the great potential European Research and Innovation (R&I) projects have when they are clustered for the purpose of carrying out joint dissemination activities.

Once again, actors from different countries and sectors will bring together the different competences already demonstrated with the success of the pilot project CDB, this time in a new package of specialised services conceived to maximise the impact of R&I public investment and further amplify the added value of the Framework Programmes (FPs), helping to bring a continual stream of innovation to the market and beyond.

Each service is tailor-made to build the users’ capacity for disseminating research results and delivered to FP7 and H2020 projects at no cost and fully supported by the European Commission.

The HRB service dedicated to the Portfolio Dissemination & Expoitation Strategy is divided in modules according to the type of activities:

Module A: Identifying and creating the portfolio of R&I project results

Thanks to this module, the beneficiaries of HRB services will be supported in the creation of their results portfolio and explore other opportunities for the dissemination of their project’s assets! Moreover, they will be guided through the identification of similar ongoing (funded by EU, national or regional initiatives) projects to join forces.

Each portfolio will also be associated with a mapping of the relevant stakeholders to maximise the impact of the dissemination.

Module A is made up of four steps:

  1. Forming your project group

  2. R&I results portfolio delivery

  3. Stakeholders/targeted audience mapping

  4. Final report based on outputs of the previous steps

Module B: Design and execution of a dissemination plan

Module B helps each project group (PG) to design a common dissemination plan for the identified results portfolio, which includes, among many interesting activities, also a short video describing the project results!

The steps included are:

  1. Design of the PG Portfolio Dissemination Plan

  2. Creation of PG dissemination materials

  3. Convergence

  4. Capacity building and execution of the PDP

Module C: Improvement of the project's exploitation strategy

Thanks to module C you can improve the existing project strategies towards effective exploitation of key exploitable results following these steps:
  1. Review of the key exploitable results

  2. Revision of the existing exploitation plans and/or outline of exploitation paths of results

  3. Techniques to identify all relevant stakeholders in the exploitation value chain

  4. Support to perform a risk analysis related to the exploitation of results


Two more services are included in HRB:

A Business Plan Development Service, the aim of which is to assist beneficiaries to bring their results closer to the market by developing an effective business plan, and by preparing to secure appropriate funding for the implementation of project results More info 
A Go To Market Service, aimed at assisting beneficiaries in making their project results ready for commercialisation. The service will support beneficiaries to identify and/or address potential obstacles to the exploitation of project results and reach commercialisation More info 

Why should you participate?

To benefit from “à la carte” tailor-made services, designed to build your capacity for disseminating research results: thanks to HRB services you will form a cluster of projects that run in the same direction as yours. You will get a new methodology to identify and gather results from each of them and find the right targets for them.

Finally, you’ll learn how to get the right message across on what you’ve achieved in your research funded project and extract that valuable, impactful results filled messages to a broader audience. 

Get support, increase your project results’ dissemination and exploitation potential and improve your access to markets. Contact us!
Info: https://www.horizonresultsbooster.eu/ | Contact: booster@meta-group.com