Software Reuse & Green Computing: ICSR2022

Software Reuse & Green Computing: ICSR2022


As Trust-IT Senior Research Analyst and H2020 CSA Principal Investigator, I recently had occasion to take part in the International Conference on Software and Systems Reuse (ICSR2022), organised by the University of Montpellier (FR) from 15-17 June 2022.  Software reuse is one of the most important areas of research and practice in software engineering, and in fact, this was the twentieth anniversary edition of the conference, held for the first time thirty years ago in Germany and since then all over the world, from North and South America to Asia and Africa.

In a special session of the conference, I was honored together with the other members of a team that co-authored the paper designated by the organising committee as the most influential paper ever published in all of the twenty editions of the conference.

I was then part of an invited panel on the current state of research and practice in reuse with other experts where we assessed the progress made over the three decades that have elapsed since software reuse became a recognised discipline and the grand challenges that remain to be addressed. It was agreed that open-source software in particular has introduced both opportunities and challenges.

There were two other panels of special interest to The first of these panels was on the cybersecurity of the software supply chain. Here, too, there was a special focus on open-source software, whereby its enormous contribution of reusable code bases was acknowledged along with the special problems of verifying the security of that same code, which may originate and be reused in vastly different contexts. The second panel dealt with the increasingly important topic of Green Computing and its relationship to reusable software components and frameworks. This important area will also be the topic of the WeGreen Workshop being organised by for September 2022. The panel speakers noted that some of the best progress in energy-friendly software frameworks has been made by the mobile communities, due to the many battery-driven products in the mobile space.

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Publication date: 20Jun2022

Article by

John Favaro

Senior Research Analyst