Trust-IT hosts webinar with Ericsson ConsumerLab: “Business Feasibility Study for 5G V2X Deployment”

22 Nov 2019

As coordinator of, Trust-IT is hosting a webinar on 25 November 2019, looking at the business feasibility of 5G Vehicle to Everything (V2X) deployments. 

High reliability, speed, capacity, and ultra-low latency are key elements of 5G networks to ensure efficient and flexible Connected and Automated mobility services. 

Webinar panelists:

  • Andres Laya (Senior Researcher, Ericsson ConsumerLab), will cover key findings of the white paper, Business Feasibility Study for V2X Deployment, from the 5G PPP Automotive Working Group. These include positive business cases, highlighting where significant private and public investments are required on highways and road infrastructures, diverse infrastructure and network sharing mechanisms, profit analysis, as well as different parameters and scenarios for 5G CAM services.
  • Jesus Alonso-Zarate (Division Manager, CTTC) will give an overview of the 5G PPP Automotive Working Group.

Webinar chair: Mikael Fallgren (Senior Researcher, Ericsson).
Moderators: Stephanie Parker and John Favaro, Trust-it, as one of the co-authors of the white paper with Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia Bell Labs, Virtual Open Systems, LiveU, Intel and the Valencia University of Technology. 

Join the webinar on Monday!