PolicyCloud's framework addresses societal challenges, learn about them in our brand new video

12 Feb 2020
PolicyCloud video by Trust-IT

The brand-new H2020 project PolicyCloud officially kicked off in Madrid in January, with an eventful 2-day meeting involving representatives from the 14 partner organisations. This project devoted to the realisation the European cloud for data-driven policy management will also produce solutions and tools that will eventually become a part of the European Open Science Cloud.

Hear directly from some of the partners in this video produced by Trust-IT, as they describe the main features and long-term mission of PolicyCloud. According to Project Coordinator Ricard Munné (ATOS Spain), "the mission is to bring a step forward in the policy making process by applying new technologies, such as cloud and big data."

Dimosthenis Kyriazis, University of Piraeus Research Center, added that PolicyCloud will provide technologies for data fusion and aggregation, also making data interoperable. From a legal perspective, Klaus Brisch from DWF highlighted the ethical challenge of bridging the technology that allows us to collect and analyse large amounts of data, with the decision-making process. “We have to make sure that the services and products we develop in PolicyCloud are going to be compliant with the legal regulation,” he added, “especially when it comes to data protection, privacy, or cybersecurity.”

Get to know the innovative use cases in the words of partners, describing the different societal challenges they are addressing and the opportunities to be found in the PolicyCloud framework.

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 PolicyCloud has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 870675.