Brief description reinforces Europe’s competitiveness in processors and semiconductors by tapping into all actors of the microelectronics value chain in the European union, including academia, research and technology organisations but also users, to join forces to maintain and boost the competitiveness in the EU sector.
Specific goals of the project include: 

  1. Set up and maintain the Industrial Alliance for processors and semi-conductor technologies secretariat.
  2. Develop a digital observatory of best practices with use-cases across industries and providing opportunities to communicate results of SMES & Start-ups and Large enterprises of the supply chain 
  3. Provide a series of market trends and gap analysis reports and consolidated relevant information from publications coming from dedicated Thematic Working Groups (TWG) providing advice on policies that can create a more investor-friendly framework for establishing manufacturing facilities in Europe, attract investments as well as semiconductor international partnerships with strong potential.  
  4. Provide a practical outreach and events management strategy to deeply connect Europe stakeholders and create global opportunities.

The project will benefit:

  • Members of the Industrial Alliance for processors and semi-conductor technologies
  • SMEs and Large Industry in the microelectronics value chain
  • Vertical Industries
  • Trade Associations 
  • Policy makers & Funders
  • Research and Academia 
  • General public
Jan 2023 to Dec 2025 Ongoing
Cloud, Edge, IoT, AI, Data
International Cooperation / Digital Sovereignty

Our role

Trust-IT is the Technical Coordinator and the leader of WP2 “Secretariat support for the Alliance” and WP5 “Outreach, roadmap, and sustainability”.

As the leader of WP2, Trust-IT will be responsible for:

  • Providing a full set of professional secretariat services to the Alliance to ensure tight coordination between the project, the European Commission and the Alliance.
  • Implementing a feature-rich web platform at the centre of Alliance operations including the development of a Marketplace for synergies, an interactive Radar and the virtual spaces for the Thematic Working Groups building on the TRUST-FORUM+TM platform.

As the leader of WP5, Trust-IT will be responsible for:

  • Branding and positioning and the Alliance in the wider semiconductor ecosystem
  • Ensuring the proper engagement of all relevant stakeholders.
  • Providing recommendations on ensuring the sustainability of the Alliance’s activities following the end of
  • Supporting the organisation of events in both virtual and physical formats.


  • Deliver the fundamental Secretariat services at the highest professional levels. 
  • Leaving a lasting legacy to the Alliance in a feature-rich platform for identifying opportunities for leveraging investment and innovation synergies in the research, development and deployment of the next generation of resource-efficient, interoperable, highly secure semiconductor technologies.
  • Identifying critical gaps in the semiconductor value chain, and providing roadmaps, recommendations and strategic documents to support to the Alliance and Commission in steering Europe toward a leadership position in the semiconductor sector.


The main results, once delivered, will include: 

  • An online platform featuring an Observatory that is made up of a highly visual Technology Radar.
  • A marketplace of best practices with use-cases across industries and providing opportunities to communicate results of SMEs & start-ups and large enterprises of the supply chain.
  • A series of market trends and gap analyses, and consolidated relevant information from various publications (roadmap, TWG reports, market trend reports).
  • A dedicated service area on the web platform for the members of the alliance.
  • A discussion area for the dedicated TWGs that will support the thematic topics selected.

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