Brief description fosters digital solutions that will boost the growing New European Bauhaus (NEB) movement. It bridges the digital and NEB communities and raises awareness around EU digital solutions for all NEB stakeholders, establishing a pan-European digital ecosystem. With its action plan, enables Europe’s Green Deal ambition in designing and building greener and more inclusive living spaces for a better quality of life.

Specific goals of the project include: 

  1. Map & showcase digital solutions, projects and tools, capitalising on EU-funded initiatives;
  2. Create a community that facilitates cooperation between ICT and NEB stakeholders through workshops, events, and networking; 
  3. Produce capacity-building material and showcase identified best practice uses of digital technologies for NEB; 
  4. Elaborate joint policy recommendations and a NEB Digital Deployment Roadmap.

The project is mainly addressed to:

  • Architects, Designers, Engineers, and other professionals belonging to the NEB community
  • Construction industry suppliers & other relevant industry players including start-ups, SMEs, associations in the building, mobility & health sectors, and SDOs
  • Research and academia
  • Digital technology companies & associations
  • Policy Makers, including Green Deal-related
  • National and regional authorities, mayors (including urban planners) and cities 
  • Civil society organisations and citizens
Oct 2022 to Oct 2024 Ongoing
Green Deal

Our role

Trust-IT is the Technical Coordinator and the leader of WP5 “Outreach, roadmap, and sustainability”.
Trust-IT will be responsible for managing the technical activities of the project, and managing knowledge, IPR, and ethics. Moreover, continuous performance self-assessment, KPIs measurement, impact assessment, and risk management activities will be performed. 

As Communication and Dissemination leader, Trust-IT will implement the dissemination and communication plan including:

  • Branding and positioning in the wider NEB initiative
  • Organising events in both virtual and physical format
  • Ensuring a proper engagement with all relevant stakeholders

Such Communication goals will be achieved through a set of coordinated activities:

  • Development, hosting, and maintenance of the web platform: we will develop a UX and SEO-optimised public website that will act as the core of the communication and dissemination strategy. The website will be the main platform that our community will use to gain detailed information and insights on the project's activities and results
  • Development of dissemination material and activities, such as templates, roll-up banners, flyers, posters, videos, events, social media channels, newsletters, Pay Per Click campaigns, community building




The expected impact generated by the project can be summarised as follows: will produce significant societal and economic impacts by increasing the uptake of R&I based solutions in society leveraging on R&I investments;

  • Via the project, already established best practices, knowledge and success stories are shared to be viewed and to stimulate discussion and input for further improvements;
  • In accordance with the NEB guidelines, will contribute to applying the core principles of sustainability, aesthetics and inclusion onto technological solutions for a just societal transition and green transformation;
  • will work towards bringing society, industry and political actors together.


The main results include:

  • NEB Digital Hub web platform with a Digital Toolkit of digital solutions to support NEB development; 
  • NEB digital projects included in an Observatory to share best practices and facilitate transfer of learning and innovation; 
  • eLearning module with courseware and other capacity building material;
  • Workshops, webinars, yearly policy events, 
  • policy briefs; NEB Digital Deployment Roadmap; 
  • 4 interdisciplinary Technical Working Groups to perform landscape and gap analyses;
  • an engaged multi-stakeholder NEB Community

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Digital ecosystem for the New European Bauhaus initiative has received funding from the Digital Europe Programme under Grant Agreement no. 101083743.