Brief description

EU-Brazil OpenBio successfully created a bridge between Brazil and Europe, not only to advance scientific research on biodiversity as a key societal challenge but also across different ways of working and on the need for standards. The focus of EU-Brazil OpenBio was on open access, not only of the data but also of tools and resources that biodiversity researchers need to make breakthroughs in a very challenging domain. This project ambitiously combined the Biodiversity Science and the Open Access Movement, promoting the concept of the openness for scientific research. It deployed an open-access platform from the federation and integration of existing European and Brazilian infrastructures and resources, making significant strides towards fully supporting the needs and requirements of the biodiversity scientific community. The initiative played a key role in facilitating further co-operation between Brazil and Europe on global social challenges. New opportunities for future collaborative work were identified in the EU-Brazil OpenBio Joint Action Plan.

Jun 2011 to Sep 2013
International Cooperation / Digital Sovereignty

Our role

Trust-IT analysed EU-Brazil policy co-operation and the impact of joint collaborative work on biodiversity informatics, cloud computing and data, including socio-economic aspects. It also led both communication and eTraining activities, by broadcasting the impact of international co-operation on common priorities. Plus, Trust-IT was the main author of the “EU-Brazil Open Bio Joint Action Plan” for an increase in EU-Brazil science & research cooperation, a plan to further collaborative research on biodiversity targets as a grand global challenge.

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On the European side, EU-Brazil OpenBio received funding from the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme Grant Agreement 288754.