Brief description

5G is unlocking currently unattainable capabilities, opening the door for new applications that demand absolute reliability, such as in health care, energy, automated factory processes or autonomous transportation. is a Coordination and Support Action in Phase 2 of the 5G Public Private Partnership (5G PPP), with a strong focus on vertical industries. impacts revolve around adoption and rollout strategies across diverse industries key for the European economy and society; standards tracking and tool development to help verticals be part of the all-important standardisation process, and analysis of emerging business models, highlighting opportunities for new entrants.

Jul 2017 to Dec 2019
5G / 6G

Our role

•    Coordinator of, working closely with the private side of the 5G PPP – the 5G Infrastructure Association (5G-IA) to help boost impacts through several working groups and task forces, as well as the 
•    Contributing to the following groups: Automotive, COMMS, Pre-Standardisation (activity leader), SMEs, Spectrum, Strategic Deployment Agenda, Technology Board, Trials. Task Forces include: Verticals Task Force and the Standards Task Force. 
•    Developing and extending an online Verticals Cartography, tracking progress towards 5G tests across vertical industries, with updated analyses. 
•    Designing an online Standards Tracker aimed at vertical industries, showing open work items in 3GPP and ETSI for inputs alongside 5G capabilities relevant to multiple markets. 
•    Rolling out a Performance KPI Tracker, monitoring contributions to the ambitious 5G PPP goals for 5G, from latency to energy efficiency, in Phase 2 of 5G PPP. 
•    Analysing emerging business models for 5G with a focus on opportunities for new entrants and SMEs, assessing strategic and market elements of business models that will be key to rollout. 
•    Co-authoring the Pan-EU Trials Roadmap V4.0, and contributing to on-going work within the Trials WG. 

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Acknowledgements receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 761816.