This white paper has a special focus on understanding the requirements from vertical industries involved in phase 2 projects of the 5G public private partnership (5G PPP). It describes the required enhancements of the 5G Architecture capable of meeting these  requirements, including impacts from on-going standardisation work. As such, this Version 3.0 (June 2019) presents the consolidated European view on the architecture design. 

Overall Editors:
Simone Redana, Nokia Bell Labs and Architecture WG Chairman; Omer Bulakci, Architecture WG Vice-Chairman.
Christian Mannweiler, Nokia Bell Labs; Laurent Gallo, Orange; Apostolos Kousaridis, Huawei Technologies Duesseldorf; David Navratie, Nokia Bell Labs; Anna Tzanakaki, University of Bristol; Jesus Gutierrez, IHP; Holger Karl, University of Paderborn; Peer Hasselmeyer, NEC Labs Europe; Anastasius Gavras, Eurescom; Stephanie Parker, Trust-IT; Edward Mutafungwa, Aalto University 

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