Trust-IT is actively contributing to the establishment of a European Open Science Cloud as envisaged by the April 2016 communication from the European Commission on "European Cloud Initiative – Building a competitive data and knowledge economy in Europe". This communication represents a fundamental step towards the reinforcement of the EU's competitiveness in digital technologies and innovation. And this is why Trust-IT could not miss being part of it.

Trust-IT is involved in the design study phase of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), building on the expertise and deep knowledge of the cloud technological and policy landscape we gained from participation in several cloud and data infrastructure related initiatives.

Trust-IT is the coordinator of key projects in the field of cloud computing aiming to help accelerate the adoption of cloud computing across the public and private sectors.

Our holistic, pragmatic (yet rigorous) approach led us to develop on-line tools such as SLA-Aid, for guidance about Cloud Service Level Agreements which we provide for free to SMEs, and PICSE Wizard, to help procurement officials, IT managers and procurement initiators make informed decisions about how to procure cloud services. Trust-IT has expertise in pre-commercial procurement, and is also a pioneer in investigating the cloud procurement aspects in Europe, having contributed to the writing of the Roadmap on Cloud Procurement.

Trust-IT plays a relevant role leading concertation activities and organising international events to communicate cloud based innovation, such as the Cloudscape series, with its 7 editions in Europe and 3 in Brazil, bringing together every year over 200 professionals in a vibrant multi-disciplinary environment, offering thought leadership insights. Through its delivery of the Cloudscape series for the past nine years, Trust-IT has developed an important network of key experts in the field of cloud computing from the scientific domain to industry, public administrations and policy.

But that’s not all: there is much more to be said about Trust-IT’s role in the European Open Science Cloud. To complete the picture of a comprehensive EOSC, Trust-IT has a deep knowledge of the digital infrastructures and data management fields. 

Cloud Strategies