Unit E2 Concertation meeting - Clusters, collaboration and creating impact in the market

Clustering and convergence between projects on common themes and challenges, and the re-use of technologies is now a reality in Unit E2. Find out how Unit E2 projects are now working together to identify common needs, future requirements and create greater impact in the market for services in areas such as data protection, software engineering, infrastructure services and inter-cloud.
Another question we’ll be asking is how projects can both understand market requirements and create the best conditions to take outputs to market and ensure sustainability of services.

The meeting is for all active projects that are part of Unit E2 Software Services and Cloud.

This Concertation meeting will be held on 20th April at the Net Futures 2016 conference | Register for the Concertation meeting and Net Futures 2016.

Venue: The Egg, Brussels, Barastraat 175, Brussels, 175 Rue Bara, Bruxelles

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Publication date: 19 Apr 2016