Final Impact Webinar - The path towards new services to increase HPC and Data capacities

12 Jul 2022

Description & Scope

After a 36-month journey, this Webinar aims at presenting the tangible outputs achieved by the Phidias HPC initiative at service of the European HPC and Research community, including main features, concrete impact and prospective advantages for Research & HPC ecosphere, mostly in conjunction with the 4 key pillars of the project:

  • Building a prototype for earth scientific data.
  • Enabling Open Access to HPC Services.
  • Strengthening FAIRisation.
  • Creating a framework combining computing, dissemination and archiving resources.

The Webinar will feature representatives of the entire Consortium with the specific goal to provide an exhaustive overview of the main advancements of the three Use Cases impacting the Satellite Data, Marine and Ocean data, Earth Observation research communities and to share the most meaningful and innovative lessons learned.

Who should attend

  • Earth Observation, Marine and Satellite Data Community
  • HPC Researchers and Developers


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Our role

Trust-IT is leading the activity regarding "Dissemination, Impact and Sustainability Path", whose main objective is to disseminate the project's results, maximise its impact, raise awareness for scientific communities, citizens, and policymakers and ensure replicability and sustainability of the services. It will be in charge of the communication and outreach activities, of the engagement with user and stakeholder communities, the EU-wide cross-dissemination and concertation, and the sustainability path and funding models.

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Publication date: 07 Jul 2022

Article by

Julie Abergas-Arteza

Marketing Analyst