Custom made web platforms

For years we have been building custom made web platforms, that consist of integrated software solutions, constituted of an optimal mix of open source, third-party, and custom-developed software modules. We handle all aspects of domain management: from the registration up to the entire management of the domain names, DNS record, mail and mailing lists. We also cover all hosting and maintenance roles as well should you require them.

We always adopt consolidated internal procedures, lean and pragmatic, which are inspired by the best practices in the field of web application development and project management, particularly the indications from the W3C Consortium ( “Web design and applications”, “Web architecture”, “XML technology” and “Web of services” will be adopted.

We build the web platforms around the services and products of the client which we usually carry out as well, making the web-based solutions user friendly and focus on the user experience (UX) of the platforms. As part of our core priority of building networked communities, we build, for your needs custom-made tools to continuously engage & dialogue with the Clients and their communities of users.


Web based solutions

ICT offers many benefits, such as support mechanisms and funding to build and scale up the start-up ecosystem, help expand or transform businesses, increasing competitiveness and creating jobs. Yet ICT also brings challenges, such as issues around privacy and security of personal and sensitive data. Cyber attacks, which are low risk, high profit, threatening business assets and intellectual property. We offer you online solutions developed by our team as result of years of experience in the ICT sector dealing with the most pressing challenges, such as:
  • Collaboration platforms: easily accessible and easy to use platforms to support team collaboration;
  • Cyber risk assessment tools: Quick and easy-to-use tools to help you assess cyber-risks & make decisions about actions required to mitigate them;
  • Cloud tools & Services: a series of tools and wizards to understand and navigate the legal, contractual, standardisation and transitional aspects of adopting cloud for scientific and industrial organisations;
  • Cloud procurement wizards: Wizard easy-to-use services to help you make informed decisions about how to procure cloud services;
  • Carbon footprint measurement: tools and services for businesses and organisations to assess their ICT carbon footprint in an easy way and foster the adoption of energy efficiency solutions.


Our approach

We tailor make all our custom software to suit our client’s requirements and needs. But sometimes the client doesn’t know what she/he needs or really wants so we make it our mission to find out what best solutions are on the market and we tailor them accordingly every single time. Having experienced, software engineers and information technologists with both Agile & UX experience makes our job easier – we never just go ahead and develop. We think, we listen, we find out what the end-users need to do in the end, we then research, we find out the most innovative examples around and build our solutions around this.

Our procedures and process are run by managing projects according to the most appropriate methodologies and latest technologies to ensures the high-quality solutions.  Our DevOps approach ensures rapid, flexible and reliable application development (even in distributed environments) that includes all aspects of development, testing, staging, deployment, and operations.

Topped with this we add this finishing touches form our experienced graphical and web interface design team to make the experience even better.