SEEBLOCKS Webinar: Dive into Blockchain Education & Standardisation Beyond Europe

10 Nov 2023

Blockchain technology, with its inherent trust-building capabilities, has been at the heart of the digital transformative movement for years. Yet, blockchain/DLT standardisation still represents a difficult challenge. On the other hand, education in blockchain is becoming more and more crucial, not only for individuals but also for organisations seeking to understand, adopt, and effectively utilise this game-changing technology.

This Friday, 10th of November, 2023, at 10.30 CET, we have brought together an esteemed group of speakers from authoritative EU initiatives, associations, and organisations: the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, CEN CENELEC SFEM, ETSI ISG PDL, Fraunhofer ISI, M.M.Warburg & CO, MSG and University of Tartu & CHAISE Representative, and the European Digital SME Alliance to shed light on the key issue of education in Standardisation (and policy-related aspects).

This webinar "Blockchain Education & Standardisation: Navigating (beyond) the European Landscape" is tailored for blockchain professionals engaged in blockchain development, standards-setting and development, and policy-making.

The webinar aims to equip the audience with an awareness of the most urgent skills needed within organisations to exploit blockchain potential within their work, and knowledge regarding policy-related aspects of education in Standardisation. Furthermore, insights about the ambitious objectives of the European Blockchain Strategy will be showcased, as well as information about the next steps of regarding Education in Blockchain Technology and funding opportunities. is a pioneering 24-month initiative aimed at advancing blockchain and distributed ledger technology research activities and standardisation efforts across Europe. 

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By leveraging project assets,’s primary goal is a broad standardisation effort in the blockchain/DLT domain, promoting European values and creating a lasting impact for this initiative.

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Publication date: 09 Nov 2023

Article by

Gabriela Rogowska

Communication, Dissemination & Outreach Specialist