Advancing Earth Observation: Highlights from the 2nd DestinE User eXchange Meeting

29 Dec 2023

“The 2nd DestinE User eXchange was an exciting, productive and inspiring event. DestinE aims to push the boundaries of what is possible today in this area and users are an integral part of it and central to its success.” - Team Leader for Destination Earth Charalampos Tsitlakidis (European Commission)

The second User eXchange meeting of the Destination Earth (DestinE) initiative unfolded in Bonn on November 13 and 14, co-hosted by ECMWF, ESA, and EUMETSAT. Within this framework, Trust-IT played a pivotal role in supporting the organisation of the event. 

Trust-IT is connected with the DestinE initiative through the DestinE Use Cases (DEUC) project which develops and operates the main DestinE website portal, envisioned to be the flagship online presence and reference point of the entire initiative and contributes to project management, user community building and management activities. 

The event, hosted by ECMWF, served as a platform to inform the DestinE community of progress, gather user feedback, and foster a multipolar dialogue involving end-users, decision-makers, and science and technology partners. During the meeting, the main elements of the system and the progress by the three entrusted entities have been introduced.

Trust-IT's impact on DestinE User eXchange success

Trust-IT ensured the success of the 2nd DestinE User eXchange beyond simple assistance. The organisation's involvement extended to on-site support, logistical coordination for the event's launch, registration facilitation, and promotional activities. Additionally, Trust-IT took charge of producing essential branded materials such as posters, flyers, and rollups. This multifaceted support underscored Trust-IT's commitment to enhancing the overall event experience, making tangible contributions that significantly enriched the collaborative atmosphere of the meeting.

Indeed, the 2nd DestinE User eXchange gathered more than 200 participants in presence and 200 registered online for two days of lively exchanges, knowledge sharing and presentations of the main components of the future digital twin of the Earth system.

The event was also a great stage to present the joint DestinE website, which is developed and operated by Trust-IT and represents a central point of access to the community of users. The DestinE Communications Strategy, coordinated with ECMWF, ESA and EUMETSAT,  oriented towards creating a lively community of users and providers that will be shaping the initiative, was presented by Claudia Vitolo (ESA) ESA Use Cases procurement lead.

An ever-growing collective effort

The programme crafted by the three entrusted entities, was carefully designed to put the emphasis on open exchanges between participants.

A poster session was organised, to create an occasion for many scientists to meet partners using the applications they are developing for the first time and hear about their requests and needs first-hand. Many participants highlighted the unusual level of engagement and lively debates around the posters. The posters submitted by teams from the three entities, partners and contractors can be accessed on this page.

A “Coffee table” discussion where participants had the task to find their own pathway to use DestinE was organised, as well as a session dedicated to Data Space and the DestinE Data Lake. Moreover, Project Manager Inés Sanz Morere (ESA) conducted a lively talk where the contractors in charge of the DESP unveiled some of the features of the future interface of DestinE and a hint of its look and feel.

Watch the 2nd Destination Earth User Exchange video courtesy of Trust-IT Services.


Participants highlighted the high degree of maturity of the components reached within a few months and left Bonn with the confidence that DestinE is building up a true community that will take Earth observation information systems to the next level.

The next User eXchange details are yet to be determined, but the door of the DestinE community is always open via the joint website and the three entrusted entities. 

Publication date: 29 Dec 2023

Article by

Fabiana De Carlo

Communication, Dissemination & Outreach Specialist