Blue Cloud 2026 & DTO-BioFlow at the Digital Ocean Forum 2024

11 Jun 2024
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Trust-IT, as the coordinator for Blue Cloud 2026 and as the Communication & Dissemination partner for DTO-BioFlow, will be demonstrating the impact of these initiatives at the upcoming Digital Ocean Forum 2024. This prestigious event, organized by the European Commission and held in conjunction with the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU, will be a key platform to showcase the cutting-edge developments in digital ocean technology and their contributions to sustainable ocean management.

This landmark event will take place at the Palace of the Academies in Brussels, offering a hybrid format that is open to the public.

The Digital Ocean Forum is an exceptional opportunity to witness the unveiling of the prototype of the European Digital Twin of the Ocean (EU DTO) and to showcase what the EU DTO, as a Commission public service, can do for the sustainable development of our blue economies and the management of our ocean resources, as well as how it contributes to the implementation of the Green Deal and the UN Decade of Science for Sustainable Development. 

By bridging diverse disciplines, the EU DTO will serve as a digital co-creation hub, providing ocean communities, coastal actors, scientists, and policymakers with crucial, actionable insights to support their daily decision-making and planning.

The event will bring together experts, stakeholders, policymakers, and interested citizens in a collaborative environment to co-design and shape the future of the European Digital Twin of the Ocean. It is a key step in advancing the sustainable development of our blue economies, managing ocean resources, and contributing to the EU’s Green Deal and the UN Decade of Science for Sustainable Development.

What Trust-IT Brings to the Table

Blue-Cloud2026 and DTO-BioFlow were selected to contribute on the 12th of June to the Digital Ocean Forum Scientific & Technical Workshop. On June 13, 2024, the two projects will attend the session “Exploring the Capabilities of the European Digital Twin Ocean”.

Sara Pittonet Gaiarin, senior project manager at Trust-IT Services & Blue-Cloud2026 project coordinator, will be giving a presentation during the European Digital Twin of the Ocean Demonstrations Session on "Unravelling marine food webs towards marine biodiversity conservation, an EDITOBlue Cloud cooperation"

In the same session, Carlota Muniz, Researcher at VLIZ and Scientific coordinator of DTO-BioFlow will be presenting at the panel titled “Digital Twin Ocean: A Game Changer for Ocean Knowledge and Action”, sharing insights on how the DTO-BioFlow project leverages digital twins to address pressing oceanographic challenges, promote ecosystem health, and support effective ocean governance.

A Commitment to Ocean Sustainability

Trust-IT’s involvement in the Digital Ocean Forum 2024 continues its dedication to sustainable ocean management and innovative solutions through Blue Cloud 2026. The participation of DTO BioFlow and Blue Cloud 2026 highlights the advanced digital tools being developed and emphasizes the critical role of collaborative efforts in tackling global marine challenges. As World Ocean Day 2024 on June 8th celebrated the wonders of our oceans and the importance of their conservation, the timing of this forum couldn't be more pertinent.

For more information, visit the official registration page for the event.

Publication date: 11 Jun 2024

Article by

Fabiana De Carlo

Communication, Dissemination & Outreach Specialist