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12 Apr 2024
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Communicating science and research as they developed was a key motivation for the launch of the MobiSpaces Podcast. The podcast allowed the project to share ongoing research and developments as they happened with interviews and discussions focusing on the mobility-aware and mobility-optimised data governance platform that the project is building and testing. 

Expanding audience reach and collaboration

Through podcasts like that of MobiSpaces scientists and science communicators can reach a diverse audience, including policymakers, journalists, and fellow researchers, fostering collaboration and informed decision-making. Furthermore, the podcast allows for swift responses to emerging issues, such as the climate crises or environmental threats, and ongoing debate, allowing ongoing research and developments in these areas to support timely interventions. MobiSpaces for example is using AI-based mobility analytics to increase energy efficiency and thus support the European green transition. As such the project is keen to participate in debates and ongoing discussions in this area (and indeed discuss them on the podcast itself). Importantly though, the MobiSpaces podcast served as a useful tool for us to pique curiosity and interest in both the project and data science amongst stakeholders of all backgrounds.

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To date we have delivered 6 episodes in the first season of the MobiSpaces Podcast covering several aspects of the project. In the first episode, Christos Doulkeridis, the Technical Coordinator, shared his expertise on parallel and distributed query processing, shedding light on the project's technical aspects. The second episode with Konstantina Bereta, discussed the MarineTraffic Tracker use case, showcasing how edge computing and AI techniques contributed to maritime safety. Lorenzo Mantero the iRoute Use Case in the third episode, highlighting MobiSpaces' role in supporting electric bus use for urban mobility in Geneva. Episode four delved into Mobility-aware Large-scale Decentralised Analytics, with Anita Graser and George Theodoropoulos discussing federated learning for mobility data analytics. The Christmas episode provided a behind-the-scenes look at project management and communication challenges in collaborative European projects. Lastly, Matteo Falsetta and Christos Doulkeridis discussed MobiSpaces' future plans and exploitation activities in the final episode, offering insights into the project's planned trajectory. Together, these episodes provided a comprehensive overview of MobiSpaces' objectives, achievements, and future prospects.

Our role

Trust-IT leads the Work Package on “Communication, Exploitation, Standardisation & Roadmapping” within which the podcast was just one of the tools which we use to communicate the results of MobiSpaces and ensure impact. For the podcast we provided all technical support, planning and Trust-IT staff acted as the main host and interviewer.

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Publication date: 11 Apr 2024

Article by

Joanne Ahern

Communication, Dissemination & Outreach Specialist