Delivering for EOSC - Key Exploitable Results of Horizon 2020 EOSC-related Projects

04 Apr 2023

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is a significant initiative that offers researchers open and seamless services for storing, managing, analysing and re-using research data, as well as accelerating the creation of new knowledge and fostering innovation.

 A new report by the EOSC Association and the Research Data Alliance highlights how the Horizon 2020 scientific community is contributing to the successful implementation of EOSC.

The report showcases 119 Key Exploitable Results and maps each result to the most relevant EOSC Advisory Groups and Task Forces, providing unique insights into developments, gaps, and thus identifies possible future areas for investment. This report is essential for realising the EOSC and offers fresh insight into establishing a continuum between the closing H2020 projects and the new Horizon Europe projects.

Our role

Trust-IT has contributed to the creation of the graphic layout, organisation of the information, printing with recycled paper and shipping of the report to the EOSC Symposium 2022.

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Publication date: 04 Apr 2023

Article by

Luigi Colucci

Marketing Analyst