ECMWF Code for Earth 2024: A new way to Innovate together for Open Source Solutions

21 Mar 2024
ECMWF Code for Earth 2024

ECMWF Code for Earth is a programme designed to drive collaboration and open-source development within the Earth sciences community. It supports advancements in weather, climate, Copernicus, and Destination Earth (DestinE). Since 2018, selected developer teams have been working alongside experienced mentors from ECMWF and partner organisations on various innovative projects. These projects encompass a wide range of activities, including data science, weather analysis, climate research, earth sciences, visualisation, and more.

Purpose and Benefits of the Programme

The ECMWF Code for Earth programme, initiated by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, aims to foster innovation and collaboration within the Earth sciences community. Think of it as a summer incubator for ideas that could have a global impact. During the summer, the selected teams together with experienced mentors from ECMWF and associated partners will work on a diverse range of innovative projects.

Individuals with expertise in Earth sciences, computer science, software development, data science, machine learning, or data visualization are particularly encouraged to apply. The program offers participants a multitude of benefits. Selected teams will work on cutting-edge projects with the potential for global impact. Mentorship from ECMWF and partner organizations provides valuable guidance and expertise, fostering skill development in this crucial field. Additionally, the program facilitates networking opportunities, allowing participants to build lasting connections with professionals in the Earth sciences community.

The application process is designed for a smooth selection. Proposals outlining project ideas and approaches, aligned with program challenges, must be submitted by April 9th, 2024. Announcement of selected teams occurs on April 29th. These teams then embark on a four-month coding phase to develop their projects. The program culminates in a final event and showcase held in September. This event provides a platform for teams to present their work and fosters further networking within the Earth sciences field.

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Event Highlights:

● Selected teams will present their projects developed during the four-month coding phase.

● Attendees will have the chance to interact with the teams, learn about their projects, and ask questions.

● Experts from ECMWF and partner organisations will provide feedback and insights on the projects.

● The showcase will feature live demonstrations, presentations, and discussions on the innovative solutions created.

Networking Opportunities

The final event offers networking opportunities for participants to connect with professionals in the Earth sciences community. It is a chance to build lasting relationships, explore potential collaborations, and expand one's network within the industry. Overall, the final event and showcase of ECMWF Code for Earth 2024 celebrate the achievements of the developer teams, foster collaboration and knowledge sharing, and inspire continued innovation in the Earth sciences field.

Our role

Our role in the ECMWF Code for Earth programme is to provide comprehensive support services that facilitate its growth, visibility, and impact within the targeted communities. We achieve this through an array of services, including website design and maintenance, applicant registration systems, dedicated webinars, online advertising campaigns, and programme promotion through various channels. Our contributions extend to video production, brand and graphic design, support desk services, final event support with live streaming, and prize payment services. By offering these services, we enable the programme to focus on its core mission of fostering innovation, collaboration, and positive change in the fields of weather, climate, and atmospheric sciences.

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Publication date: 21 Mar 2024

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