Horizon Europe Calls 2024 Information & Brokerage Session: Digital Platforms for the Cloud-Edge-IoT, Innovation through Open Source and Software

Horizon Europe Calls 2024 Information & Brokerage Session: Digital Platforms for the Cloud-Edge-IoT, Innovation through Open Source and Software

04 Jan 2024

In a move to foster innovation in cloud, edge computing, and IoT integration, EUCloudEdgeIoT.eu, in collaboration with the European Commission (EC), recently hosted an information session on upcoming 2024 calls. The event, held in a hybrid format, provided an opportunity for potential applicants to gain detailed insights into the new calls for funding on topics related to Cloud-Edge-IoT platforms, open source and software engineering. The event spotlighted the critical importance of integrating cloud, edge, and IoT technologies in shaping Europe's digital future, attracting a diverse audience, including industry professionals, academics, and technology enthusiasts eager to submit proposals for the new funding opportunities.

The event opened with a morning plenary session to introduce five Horizon Europe calls with a deadline for application set in March 2024 and included two intense parallel sessions where potential applicants pitched their proposal ideas and companies. The afternoon session was then dedicated to networking meetings that were scheduled via a booking system that will be open and available until the calls’ deadline.

All details about this event can be investigated at the EUCloudEdgeIoT website.

The event marked a significant step in advancing Europe's position at the forefront of digital innovation. By bringing together various stakeholders and providing them with valuable guidance and support, EUCloudEdgeIoT.eu and the EC have laid a foundation for impactful future project proposals in the cloud, edge, and IoT domains.

Our role

Trust-IT Services, played a key role in the organisation and delivery of this event. Co-leading the EUCloudEdgeIoT.eu Task Force 6 on communications, Trust-IT was responsible for the organisation of the physical component of this hybrid event. Their expertise in managing communication, dissemination, and engagement activities for UNLOCK-CEI, the demand-side CSA of EUCloudEdgeIoT, was evident in the seamless execution of the event.

In addition to managing the physical organisation of the event, Trust-IT was involved in the moderation of the plenary session, which provided a stage for engaging discussions and insightful presentations, guiding attendees through the details of the funding calls. Trust-IT also moderated one of the parallel pitch presentation sessions, focussed on edge tech, IoT tech and applications, offering a platform for diverse voices and ideas in the field of cloud, edge, and IoT integration.

Trust-IT's contribution, both in organisation and content delivery, underscored their commitment to driving forward digital excellence and collaboration in Europe.

Publication date: 04 Jan 2024

Article by

Maria Giuffrida

Senior Research Analyst