KT4D project: Empowering Democracy with AI & Big Data

11 Jan 2024

Dealing with the challenges imposed on our societies by the rapid emergence of cutting-edge technologies is an imperative for Europe. The EU-funded knowledge technologies for democracy (KT4D) project is a Research and Innovation Action (RIA) centering on the dynamic landscape of advanced knowledge technologies, including Big Data and AI. Its primary focus is on examining how these technologies contribute to the advancement of democracy and civic engagement. The project consortium held its general assembly (GA) meeting at the University of Warwick, UK, in December 2023. 

The - two day - event in the presence of all twelve partners, represented a great opportunity to gather useful feedback and to testify the achievement of many KPIs, which are a clear indication that the project is well on its way to completing the prefixed goals before the end of its 36 months operational duration.

Milestones in KT4D

KT4D, in its first year, successfully formed clusters with other Horizon Results Booster Europe-funded projects to address shared challenges. These synergies align common interests without compromising distinct focal points. The aim is to contribute to a robust and ethically driven advancement of digital solutions in public services particularly addressing AI and Big Data's implications, with a focus on vulnerable groups. 

Engagement is crucial in a project dedicated to participation in the democratic process, and KT4D has made significant strides in its first year. Success is evident in its outreach to policymakers and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). In the first set of Use Case workshops held across different cities - Brussels, Dublin, Warsaw, Madrid - participation of civil society has been active. KT4D's core principle recognizes the contextual differences in democracy, evident in its selection of diverse locations for the Use Cases. Each city brings forth unique cultural norms, language, and expectations, shaping distinct necessities and outcomes.

Tangible results are highlighted in the Publication already released by the project, where materials from the initial twelve months, including the Spotlight on KT4D’s first webinar, which reported the highlights of the webinar entitled ‘Exploring the Benefits and Challenges of AI and Big Data for a more Inclusive Civic Participation’. The first project webinar surpassed all expectations, drawing the participation of 89 individuals, many of whom expressed keen interest in the project. The slides from the webinar, along with the recorded session, can be accessed on our website and YouTube channel, respectively.  

The project also participated in international events, such as EmpoderaLive 2023, where it held a KT4D session. The event's goal was to examine how developers and leading organisations are shaping the digital future. Twenty international leaders and researchers participated, while approximately 250 experts from around the globe convened to establish the new guidelines for the digital age.

Regular updates in the form of news releases and articles are provided to keep KT4D's audience informed about the latest developments and opportunities in this field. Don’t miss our News and Events sections and stay up to date with the ever evolving landscape of advanced knowledge technologies by signing up for our newsletter!

As we commemorate the conclusion of our inaugural year, collaborating with outstanding organisations to co-create the remarkable KT4D project has been truly gratifying. We would like to express our gratitude to our 12 partners whose dedication and collaboration have been key in the success of KT4D. The outcomes achieved stand as a testament to our collective efforts, casting a bright light on the upcoming months. 

Our role

Within the project, Trust-IT leads WP2, overseeing "Dissemination, Communication, Consultation, and Exploitation." Trust-IT’s primary responsibility involves promoting the project's outcomes to its target groups. Along with its sister company, COMMpla, Trust-IT handles all aspects of project branding, graphic design, and visual identity. COMMpla notably manages the development and implementation of the digital website platform, overseeing all the technical improvements. Additionally, Trust-IT facilitates the organisation and recruitment efforts for the 12 in-person Use Case workshops. Looking ahead, the consortium is gearing up for the next set of Use Case meetings and its first in-person impact event next year.

Publication date: 11 Jan 2024

Article by

Matilde Castleberry

Junior Marketing Analyst