SNS-OPS and SNS-ICE, two new CSA projects in the EU Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking

SNS-OPS and SNS-ICE, two new CSA projects in the EU Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking

21 Feb 2023

Two new 6G projects recently began involving Trust-IT. These are two coordination support actions (CSA) aiming to build a collaboration environment for European and global actors involved in preparing 6G Smart Networks and Services (SNS). It is propelled by the EU Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking.

The initiative supports over 30 RIA projects and three CSAs, divided into four waves. The latter are SNS-ICE and SNS-OPS, all projects in which Trust-IT is involved. These projects are also linked to another project which started about a year ago: 6GStart.

In particular, SNS-OPS aims to support the European Partnership for SNS and the related organisation through cross-SNS projects coordination, provide links to the 6G Infrastructure Association and the European Commission via the partnership board and the Joint Undertaking Office and their strategic policies, maximise output and exploitation of SNS projects results in key domains (e.g., standardisation, spectrum) through managed cooperation between projects on horizontal issues, and provide inter-JU coordination.
Conversely, SNS-ICE has a broader scope: act as an ambassador promoting SNS activities in Europe to the rest of the world. Such an effort will be accomplished through a set of key actions: 

  • Establishing a dialogue environment for all 6G stakeholders in Europe (peer HEurope projects partnership, national initiatives, research and development clusters).
  • Presenting and leveraging the results of SNS JU activities and achievements in Europe and identifying key target areas. 
  • Collecting key achievements, and presenting them to major European and international actors.
  • Creating an environment to promote SNS JU results and achievements and exchanging trends and ideas.
  • Engaging in dialogue with key vertical industries through well-established associations.

Main Expectations & Challenges

These actions respond to SNS JU's broad expectations to create common technology ecosystems, facilitate R&I efforts, set common standardisation goals, and ensure 6G Smart Network & Services and 2030 Digital Decade are best served.

Therefore, SNS-ICE and SNS-OPS consortia will need to understand how to promote cooperation with 6G R6I initiatives and vertical industries and create a coherent dissemination strategy to serve the R&I and CSA efforts that will come up in the following years.

Our role

In both SNS-ICE and SNS-OPS, Trust-IT’s effort is spread across different work packages, tasks and milestones.
In SNS-OPS, Trust-IT will draw and outline a standardisation roadmap for SNS JU RIA projects. This will imply, first of all, understanding how projects can potentially influence standards and their interests in standardisation activities. Trust-IT will also contribute to developing an appropriate framework to monitor and analyse the technological KPIs and societal KVIs that SNS phase 1 projects will achieve, facilitating the dissemination of their results. 

On the other hand, in SNS-ICE Trust-It will work on placing SNS in relation to vertical roadmaps, collecting use cases and new verticals and translating them into requirements for SNS research activities and standardisation inputs. Moreover, it will look for ways to position SNS ICE results in the broader EU and global research, investment, policy, and regulatory landscape, including peer partnerships, verticals and international synergies (this task is in synergy with TIM, EURESCOM and VASES). 

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Publication date: 21 Feb 2023

Article by

Claudio De Majo