Trials & Pilots Summary Brochure: Wrapping up 5G PPP T&P Use Cases

26 Apr 2024
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The Trials & Pilots (T & P) Summary Brochure provides a detailed overview of the work completed by the Phase 2 and Phase 3 projects within the 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G PPP). It summarises the annual showcase brochures featuring successful, mature use cases produced as a result of competitions organised by the 5G-IA Trials Working Group. To date, four brochures have been published under the title "5G Infrastructure PPP - Trials and Pilots," with releases in September 2019, December 2020, August 2021, and November 2023. Each year, the Working Group's panel members select the ten most exemplary trials and pilots, who use a set of established evaluation criteria to make their choices.

Document Structure

The T&P Summary Brochure is structured as follows:

  • Section 1 outlines the major achievements of these projects, including key performance indicators such as the number of use cases addressed per call or year and their geographical distribution throughout the program. This section demonstrates the scope and impact of the initiatives undertaken. 
  • Section 2 offers more specific details, with tables listing the Trials and Pilots (T&Ps), use cases, sectors addressed, locations, and dates. 

This information is synchronised with the 5G PPP Verticals Cartography to ensure accuracy and relevance. This brochure focuses on large-scale trials and pilots that fall under Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) 5 through 7, highlighting these projects' practical application and advanced development stage.
The brochure does not cover the initial stages of technology development, such as proofs-of-concept, prototypes, and demonstrators, tackled instead by Verticals Cartography online tool, providing a complete view of the progression and achievements of the 5G PPP projects from their inception to their advanced trials and implementations (over 250 use cases).

Our role

Aside from acting as a jury member in all edtions of the T&P Brochure, Trust-IT Services has been involved in several projects sponsored by the 5GPPP's initiative: 5G-ENSURE, Global5G. Full5G. Currently, Trust-IT is involved in three flagship CSA initiatives linked to the final stages of 5G development and 6G transition (6GStart), as well as new 6G development horizons (SNS ICE and SNS OPS) aiming to build a collaborative environment for the 6G Smart Networks and Services (SNS) Joint Undertaking, the next public-private partnership spurring the development of 6G. Its role involves monitoring and analysing the technological KPIs and societal KVIs that SNS phase 1 projects will achieve, creating a framework for the 6G-IA Tests, Measurement and Validation Working Group (TMV WG). Second, Trust-IT is outlining a pre-standardisation roadmap for SNS JU R&I projects, culminating in a standards tracker based on the work with 5G PPP and 6GStart. Third, through the creation of the Vertical Engagement Tracker online platform – an updated version of the Verticals Cartography – it has collected use cases and new verticals and translated them into requirements for SNS research activities and standardisation inputs. Fourth, it has contributed to gap analyses through whitepapers and policy briefs and drafted an exploitation plan mapping SNS ICE KERs.

Publication date: 26 Apr 2024

Article by

Claudio De Majo