Languages at Trust-IT

Strength in diversity: Trust-IT's multicultural approach to excellence

At Trust-IT Services and COMMpla, with over 50 employees from 11 different nationalities, we believe that our diversity is our strength, leading to both personal and professional growth. The interplay between openness and creativity in our multicultural environment not only enhances problem-solving and innovation but also improves conflict resolution.Read more

Raw materials

Strategic innovations in the raw materials value chain

The chemical industry, the world's second-largest one, contributes $5.7 trillion to the world's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It plays a crucial role in the economy, fostering innovation and providing employment for almost 120 million people. However, it is also one of the main contributors to carbon dioxide emissions as it generates approximately 935MT annually.Read more

Standardisation workshop news

Insights from the Workshop “Accelerating Standardisation in Mobility, Buildings, and Energy”

On January 31, we dove deep into standardisation for a greener, more digital Europe at the "Accelerating Standardisation in Mobility, Buildings, and Energy” workshop by AIOTI, in collaboration with the DG Connect, IoT Unit, and supported by the Here are the key takeaways:Read more


Trust the Numbers: Why Trust-IT and COMMpla Empower Women in Science and Technology

Investing in girls and women in science accelerates progress. With 43% of the Trust-IT and Commpla workforce identifying as female, the companies significantly surpass the European average for women working in ICT (19%). This statistic embodies Trust-IT’s commitment to fostering an environment where women not only find their place but thrive.Read more

SmartCHANGE cover for the World Cancer Day

SmartCHANGE: Fostering solutions for
a healthier future

Among the diseases urging a united effort to tackle prevention and health protection challenges are non-communicable diseases (NCDs). SmartCHANGE, an innovative Horizon-Europe project supported by Trust-IT, employs advanced AI technology to combat NCDs, like cancer, particularly in children and youth.Read more


INSTAR project takes off – Shaping international standards for advanced technologies

With technology making progress in leaps and bounds, the need for international standards to govern emerging technologies (AI, Cybersecurity, e-identity, quantum, 5G, 6G, data, IoT and more) has never been more pressing, as being a standard-setter in global ICT standardisation is key to achieving economic growth and digital sovereignty.Read more