OCRE IaaS+ tender published

Trust-it, a member of the OCRE consortium announces the publication of the OCRE IaaS+ Tender for commercial cloud services that will empower the research capabilities of the European research...Read more


SSHOC WEBINAR: How to improve the quality of your repository? SSHOC and certification of repositories

Certification is a sign of trust that benefits a data repository in many ways. How can your repository achieve certification? The SSHOC webinar will focus on the certification of digital repositories...Read more


TRUST-GRANTS™ Platform: Open Call cycle management made easy

Custom-made by one of the European SMEs in the project, Trust-IT, the TRUST-Grants ™ Platform is at the core of the engagement, outreach and exploitation strategy of the project, it is...Read more


New decade, new EUDAT website!

New decade, time to roll out the new EUDAT website design! Do take the time to see the changes for yourself here The main drivers for the complete overhaul were to improve user experience,...Read more

News Webinar: Free Cybersecurity Training with customised Learning Paths

An increasing number of organisations and industry sectors rely on IT as they realise the benefits of digitisation. But along with these benefits come increasing risks of exposure to cyber-attacks...Read more


3rd SSHOC WEBINAR “Quanlify with ease: Combining quantitative and qualitative corpus analysis”

Webinar 16th April 2020 11:00AM - 12:00PM There are many reasons why researchers in the humanities and the social sciences want to combine the quantitative, data-driven and algorithmic analysis of...Read more