ESCAPE – Versatile Working Solutions for astronomy, astroparticle and particle physics whilst stimulating the EOSC implementation

Open science promotes collaborations that are key to pushing the boundaries of data-driven scientific research, by connecting researchers across the globe and increasing discoverability and visibility. The ESCAPE Horizon 2020 project is the European Science Cluster of Astronomy and Particle Physics that provides an open-source scientific software and service repository. Its goal is to enable open science as part of the drive to a European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).Read more


Fireside chat with Liam Woods, Director of Acute Operations at HSE Ireland

Liam Woods is HSE National Director of the Acute Hospitals Division. The Division works closely with the Hospital Groups to deliver hospital services across Ireland. One of the priorities of the...Read more



The EOSC-hub Week 2020 will bring together key players in the development of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and this year will be colocated with the EOSC Executive Board Consultation Day...Read more


New video on co-creation funding opportunities for the EOSC community

Trust-IT plays a leading role in the communication and dissemination activities of the Horizon 2020 project , in support of the European Open Science Cloud Governance. One of the...Read more

News bridges EU-US research and innovation on Next Generation Iinternet launching its Open Calls for proposals will launch 5 Open Calls for proposals for European innovators willing to carry out high-quality research & innovation activities on NGI experimental platforms, between April 2020...Read more

News webinar: From research to market: promising outputs are not enough Much effort of EU funded projects goes into developing the technological aspects of products and project outputs. However, a corresponding amount of support activity is vital to bring those outputs to market providing an organic sustainability plan and an exploitation strategy.Read more