Brief description

The European Union has identified bioeconomy as a priority due to its potential for sustainable economic models, aligning with initiatives like the EU Green Deal and Biodiversity Strategy. Despite this, Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries lagged in bioeconomy development by 2014, prompting the creation of the BIOEAST Initiative by eleven Member States (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia). However, as of 2019, only nine EU countries had dedicated bioeconomy strategies, with fewer than half from CEE.

Recognising the need to bridge this gap, the BOOST4BIOEAST project has been initiated. This project aims to facilitate connections, knowledge transfer, and upskilling to develop national bioeconomy Action Plans (APs). The focus is on collaboration between governmental levels and market actors within BIOEAST HUBs, ensuring the comprehensive development of the BIOEAST Initiative and reinforcing the commitment to sustainable development.

Jan 2024 to Dec 2026 Ongoing
Biodiversity & Mission soil

Our role

Throughout the project's lifespan, Trust-IT Services Srl, along with its 3rd-party partner, COMMpla, is responsible for constructing the BIOEAST Knowledge Platform. This platform will showcase the project's assets, outputs, and events while serving as the gateway to dedicated national online HUBs. Additionally, it will store and make available bioeconomy-related knowledge materials gathered from BIOEAST partners.

The team will commence the construction of the BIOEAST Knowledge Platform following a requirements-gathering workshop. In collaboration with all Central and Eastern European HUBs, Trust-IT and COMMpla will lead the investigation on retrieving and synchronising existing content from EU-Farmbook, EUBIONET, and other pertinent platforms. This includes content from previously developed platform/virtual toolboxes in projects like BIOEASTsUP and existing web pages of established HUBs related to bioeconomy.


The BIOEAST Knowledge Platform will be responsive, ensuring accessibility from any device. It will also be SEO-driven, with all marketing activities coordinated to provide a user-centric experience (UX) and achieve strong engagement through conversion-rate optimisation (CRO). Website analytics will be collected and tracked monthly on a customised dashboard.

To ensure effective knowledge transfer, Trust-IT and COMMpla will organize a training session for the BIOEAST Knowledge Platform. This training will cover how to access the platform and update its content.


One eLearning platform consisting of 11 mini-websites, each dedicated to a Central and Eastern European country participating in the BIOEAST initiative.

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The BOOST4BIOEAST project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe Programme under the Grant Agreement nr. 101133398.