Brief description

The project (2017 - 2021) met and surpassed its objectives to: 

  • identify and prioritise R&I topics across the EU;
  • foster and promote European cybersecurity innovation activities;
  • identify potential European and international common approaches in addressing cybersecurity challenges;
  • provide recommendations on future activities surrounding standardisation and compliance, data protection, emerging technologies and the R&I landscape.
May 2017 to Apr 2021

Our role

Trust-IT coordinated the project leading all project management activities. Trust-IT also led activities on communications and dissemination, like:

  • project management;
  • update and inform European Commission and policy makers on EU CS&P landscape;
  • design and delivery of web platform;
  • co-design of an EU Project Radar of R&I initiatives;
  • creation of community around cybersecurity and privacy;
  • design and delivery of online tools and resources for SMEs;
  • social media management;
  • management of community events and webinars;
  • creation of platform for online hub for cybersecurity SMEs in Europe.


The Cyberwatching projects leaves a substantial legacy that will impact positively on the cybersecurity landscape and deliver innovation to the markets to strengthen the competitiveness and foster growth of related companies:

  • the EU Project Radar is a valuable asset for the European Commissionas a programme-specific high-level visualisation tool, as well as a new calculation method that combines project age with MTRL score progress plan. The radar features over 200 projects. Trust-IT and Oxford University jointly manage the sustainability of the radar;
  • the webinar series saw over 23 events delivered to 3,000+ participants. The series is being continued by Trust-IT with new webinars planned for 2022;
  • Trust-IT has created the ECSO SME Hub, a pan-European platform showcasing EU SME  products and technologies. The Hub links the European SME network including regional SME associations and Cybersecurity districts of Europe. Over 500 SMEs are already included in the hub;
  • Trust-IT sustains 4 SME facing online self-assessment tools that were developed during the project’s lifetime in collaboration with other partners. Hosted on, they will be promoted in particular through CyberDIH, AEI’s Spanish Digital Innovation Hub. The tools provide reliable and trusted online resources for SMEs on topics of cybersecurity, GDPR compliance and risk management.

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Acknowledgements has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 740129.