Brief description

Working within the scope and operations of the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre and the network of National Centres ECCO will coordinate and promote the work of the Cybersecurity Competence Community at the European Level.

Funded by the European Union, ECCO - "European Cybersecurity COmmunity" - began operations in 2023 and over the next two years aims to strengthen Europe’s leadership in cybersecurity, support network and information system resilience and reliability. It will also increase the global competitiveness and high standards of the EU’s cybersecurity industry to retain and develop cybersecurity technological and industrial capacities.

ECCO is led by ECSO (The European Cybersecurity Organisation) and backed by a pan-European consortium made up of 12 cybersecurity stakeholders & experts from the public and private sectors. 

Dec 2022 to Dec 2024 Ongoing

Our role

Within ECCO, Trust-IT is bringing its direct, long-lasting experience in managing community development through technologically advanced digital tools for numerous, high-profile organisations and pan-European initiatives and a team of highly-skilled, recognised professionals, to ensure a comprehensive and effective set of cross-disciplinary competencies that cover the delivery of the ECCO Observatory, marketplace and radar and support to the NCCs and ECCC primarily through their digital processes.

Trust-IT will lead three tasks specifically Task A3.1, “Cybersecurity Market Observatory”, Task A.4 “Cluster of European Cybersecurity projects” and Task A.5 “Cooperation with existing R&I initiatives in cybersecurity and privacy”. It will also contribute to several tasks including:

  • Task B.4 – Mechanisms for the uptake of cybersecurity research results
  • Task C.5 – Enhancement of online presence of the NCCs and support to the Cybersecurity Atlas


Trust-IT develops and manages the ECCO branding and online presence, including the project website, social media channels, and other digital materials.

In addition, delivering a set of automated and sustainable online assets for the community which offer unique views and insight into the R&I landscape;

  • The Observatory will be built by collating tools and resources from relevant public and private initiatives in the Member States or efforts at the European level, including the analysis from the four Pilots, the ECSO market analyses as well as the “Atlas”.
  • Project Radar – will provide an interactive “birds-eye” view of the complete collection of EU-funded projects in the cybersecurity space.
  • Detailed information managed by a community of R&I projects including the clustering of the R&I projects for cooperation and dissemination activities.

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ECCO (European Cybersecurity COmmunity) has received funding under a contract with the European Union.