Brief description

In a rapidly urbanised and connected world, data is driving decision making in cities across Europe. A plethora of sensors and computing devices covering the edge/fog/cloud compute continuum are deployed, connected, and monitored.  New mobility services are reshaping the urban mobility landscape leading to a radical expansion of data.

By leveraging on the accumulated data created within the duty cycle of these services over the next three years the EMERALDS project will design, develop and create an urban data-oriented Mobility Analytics as a Service (MAaaS) toolset to exploit the untapped potential of extreme urban mobility data and as a result, improve urban mobility decision making.

The toolset will demonstrate advanced capabilities in data mining of large amounts and varieties of urban mobility data whilst considering privacy aspects. As opposed to off-the-shelf solutions, EMERALDS will actually create tailor-made data acquaintance services which goes beyond the simple collection of extreme mobility data and is able to distribute computational workload of the clean-process-analyse pipeline to many nodes of different types, including the data collection layer per se (i.e., at the edge).  

As a result, higher quality data can be transmitted to the subsequent computing levels leading to the design of far more advanced data analytics tools and services. 

From simple use-cases like rerouting traffic to prevent congestion, multi-modal integrated traffic management, trip demand forecasting, to more crucial cases like crowdedness informed/aware risk assessment, emergency evacuations and search and rescue missions, being able to analyse data from the plethora of available sources can not only save citizens’ time in their routine activities, but also prevent catastrophes that may lead to the loss of life. 

Jan 2023 to Dec 2025 Ongoing
Cloud, Edge, IoT, AI, Data

Our role

Within EMERALDS, Trust-IT will deliver a well-focused dissemination and communication plan, ensuring high quality content and its distribution through relevant channels, targeting the right stakeholders identified and assessing the impact of the activity. 

With our participation in standardisation projects, such as and, we will map and create synergies and cooperation for the alignment with global standards, connecting key-players in the field and facilitate the adoption of EMERALDS results in other communities.

Trust-IT leads two tasks specifically T6.1 “Communication & Dissemination activities” and T6.3 “EU Synergies & Liaison”. It will also contribute to the T6.2 “Exploitation Strategy”.


  • Scientific: High-quality new knowledge on creating more efficient and effective large-scale analytics, extreme data management and AI.
  • Societal: Privacy and security, trustworthy, accurate, green and fair AI systems, Better Decision making. 
  • Economic /Technological: The EMERALDS solutions are leading to new business Opportunities, and ecosystem of adopters 


  • Delivery of EMERALDS services including:
    • Mobility AI analytics as a service
    • Visual analytics and dashboards
    • Security and data governance
    • Privacy-aware data acquisition and In-situ processing
    • Extreme-scale cloud/fog data fusion and management
    • Extreme-scale data processing
    • Edge learning & in-situ analytics
    • Active and federated learning
  • 3 Successful real-life Demonstrations 

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This project has received funding from the Horizon Europe R&I programme under GA No. 101093051.