Brief description

As artificial intelligence (AI) proliferates, hardware systems that can perform inference at ultralow latency, high precision and low power are urgently required to deal with massive and heterogeneous data, respond in real-time and avoid unintended consequences and function in complex and often unpredictable environments.

HYBRAIN’s vision is to realize a pathway for a radical new technology with ultrafast (~1 microsecond) and energy-efficient (~1 watt) edge AI inference based on a brain-inspired hybrid architecture of integrated photonics and unconventional electronics. Hybrain's approach will take advantage of the ultrahigh throughput and low latency of photonic convolutional processors (PCPs) employing novel phase-change materials in these initial layers to radically speed up processing. 

HYBRAIN aims to overcome existing barriers of latency and energy consumption and will enable a whole new spectrum of edge AI applications throughout society.

May 2022 to May 2026 Closed
HPC - High-Performance Computing

Our role

Trust-IT is the Hybrain's Dissemination and Exploitation activities leader. We will contribute to achieving Hybrain's mission by applying our expertise in:

Communication plan development

For Hybrain, we will define a clear communication strategy by defining the objectives, Key Exploitable Results (KERs), impacts and target stakeholders of the project. This allows us to identify the right channels to use, tailor our communication activities for each stakeholder and maximise the community engagement by sharing the information that matters the most to them.

Development, hosting and maintenance of a public website

We will develop, host and maintain a UX and SEO-optimised public website that will act as the core of the communication and dissemination strategy. The website will be the main platform that our community will use to gain detailed information and insights on the project's activities and results. The website will have various sections, such as: about us, news, events, newsletters, impacts, results and more.

Development of dissemination material and activities

To disseminate the project's activities and results, we will organise and execute various activities:

  • Creation of the project's visual identity (PowerPoint template, Virtual call background, Twitter cards, Logo creation, etc).
  • Creation of informative roll-up banners, flyers and posters.
  • Institutional videos production.
  • Physical events video coverage.
  • Video interviews with the consortium members.
  • Events organisation.
  • Social media community management and engagement.
  • News articles creation.
  • Newsletter management and creation.

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The HYBRAIN project has received funding from the European Union's Innovation Council Pathfinder programme under Grant Agreement No 101046878.