Brief description

The InDiC-Global project aims to bridge technical communities and policymakers around the Digital Single Market and ICT standardisation (5G, IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Cybersecurity, etc.), enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation in ICT standards and policies to promote common standards and trade across six countries: Brazil, China, India, Japan, South Korea, and the USA. Building on this, InDiCo-Global seeks to update its focus areas and geographies in line with EU priorities, aiming to raise awareness of the European Standardization System, promote EU ICT policies and standards, understand partner countries' regulatory landscapes, and facilitate capacity building.

Jan 2024 to Dec 2026 Ongoing
ICT Standards & SW Excellence



Our role

Trust-IT’s main role in InDiCo-Global, primarily focuses on coordinating and managing open calls. Their responsibilities include overseeing the evaluation process of proposals, excluding payments, and handling the contractualisation of selected proposals and external evaluators. Trust-IT is also tasked with providing support through a helpdesk for all internal and external users of its customised grants platform (TRUST-GRANTS™). This role is crucial for the smooth operation and effective implementation of the project's objectives, ensuring efficient proposal selection and evaluation process management.

Given its longstanding experience in managing open calls, Trust-IT is in charge of three main tasks:

  • Task 3.3 Setting up the open calls focusing on the customised grants platform design, setup, and implementation (front-end and digital processes) 
  • Task 3.4 First open call implementation managing the first open call implementation through its grants platform, filtering information and reporting back through dedicated documents
  • Task 5.6 Second Open Call implementation managing the second open call implementation through its grants platform, filtering information and reporting back through dedicated documents
  • Task 6.5 3rd Open Call implementation managing the third open call implementation through its grants platform, filtering information and reporting back through dedicated documents

Trust-IT also participates in the following tasks> 

  • T1.2 Project Governance - Steering Committee and Stakeholders Group 
  • T1.3 Ethics, data management, risk management, and compliance
  • T2.1 Setup of Stakeholders Group 
  • T2.4 Consolidated work program
  • T5.2 Scope and targets for technical exchange activities - based on feedback of the 1st wave of activities


InDiCo-Global is set to make a significant impact by promoting EU ICT/digital standards and fostering ethical, human-centred technology development. Focused on enhancing global interoperability and understanding of standardisation ecosystems, the project will conduct workshops, awareness campaigns, and studies, primarily targeting key technologies in the Horizon Europe program. Economically, it aims to create a unified market for Europe and its partner regions, reducing barriers and fostering innovation, which is particularly beneficial for SMEs. Societally, it focuses on inclusiveness, ethical AI, accessibility, and data privacy, contributing to sustainable digital solutions. The wide-ranging impact of InDiCo-Global encompasses industries, policymakers, and civil society, driving global competitiveness, economic growth, and sustainable, inclusive technological advancement.


The InDiCo-Global project will address several key needs, including aligning international standards with EU standards and integrating EU values into global policies. It will also tackle community fragmentation and enhance understanding of the EU Data Protection Model. The project plans to organise various activities: 4 workshops focused on the accessibility of ICT products, sessions on 5G/6G, AI, IoT security, e-ID, Trust Services, and green ICT; and five workshops dedicated to the European Standardization System (ESS), along with a specific stream on the EU data protection model. Additionally, it will conduct eight studies on ICT/Digital policy and standardisation. The project will support third-party projects and develop use cases and case studies. A strong online presence will be established through media campaigns, webinars, workshops, and participation in external events. Information will be disseminated via news items, newsletters, interviews, videos, and publications, including press releases, policy briefs, and white papers. Finally, the project will implement dedicated exploitation and sustainability actions to ensure long-term impact.

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The InDiCo-Global project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON) under grant agreement no. 101136022.