Brief description

Funded under the Horizon Europe Call Reshaping Democracies, which aims to strengthen democratic processes, the Knowledge Technologies for Democracy (KT4D) will addresses how rapidly changing knowledge technologies can be capitalised upon to foster more inclusive civic participation in democracy. 

KT4D is developing and validating tools, guidelines and a Digital Democracy Lab demonstrators platform. These results will be validated across three user needs scenarios: 1) building capacity for citizens and citizen-facing Civil Society Organisations (CSOs); 2) creating regulatory tools and services for Policy and CSOs; and 3) improving awareness of how to design ethically and mindfully for democratic principles in academic and industrial software development.

Knowledge Technologies for Democracy (KT4D) will harness these tools to allow European societies to capitalise on AI and big data for the operation of democratic governance and civic life, while appropriately mitigating their potential ethical, legal, and cultural risks.

Feb 2023 to Feb 2026 Ongoing
Citizen Science

Our role

Trust-IT will lead the Dissemination, Communication, Consultation, and Exploitation work package, an essential requirement for the successful fulfilment of the project objectives. Trust-IT is well placed to deliver this work as an experienced partner in EU funded programmes for over 20 years in the planning and delivery of these activities for research and science projects.

In addition to the organisation and creation of a significant online presence (via the website, and social media channels) there will also be several events organised during the project including Co-creation workshops (12), Training & Awareness Webinars (6), and impact events (2).

In collaboration with the affiliated entity COMMpla, Trust-IT co-develops and manages the KT4D branding and online presence, including the project website, social media channels, and other digital materials.


KT4D is bringing an applied humanities methodology to the analysis of these advanced knowledge technologies to support the continued stability of Europe’s democracies.  KT4D will clarify the impact of AI and big data on European democracies, as well as clearly outline how it can be used for the advancement of civic participation and democratic governance via the following actions.

Key tangible objectives and impacts:

  • Publish clear definitions and guidelines for where and how democracy is threatened by AI and Big Data.
  • Create the Digital Democracy Lab – an innovative system deployment of AI and big data.
  • Develop assessment tools and frameworks to enable more ethically informed software development practices.
  • Foster more holistically informed regulatory processes with a governance framework and policy recommendations.
  • Deliver a platform for educating the digitally engaged citizen.

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