Brief description promoted the collaboration between EU and US through a set of 5 Open Calls, funding EU researchers to experiment their research results, with a US counterpart, on intercontinental experimental testbeds.
The total funding budget is of 2.8 Million euros and the calls managed through the TRUST-GRANTS™ platform, therefore Trust-IT's role in this project involved the management of the open call applications, evaluations, including the selection of the external evaluators, and communication of results.

Jan 2020 to Feb 2023 Closed
Next Generation Internet
Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation
Custom Software
Digital Marketing & Communication - Bridging EU-US research on Next Generation Internet

Our role

The main objective of Trust-IT’s work on communication and dissemination was linked to the management and promotion of the Open Calls with relevant stakeholders, in order to reach a wide number of funded researchers and innovators and boost the cooperation between EU and US through research.

Trust-IT has managed every aspect of the Open Calls to ensure their success: from the definition of the step-by-step process of the applicants selection, to the creation of a dedicated platform (built specifically for the project and called the TRUST-Grants™ calls management platform), including the coaching of the External Evaluators, and finally the recruitement of applicants and support during the application phase. In this phase, the activities included the set up of a Twinning Lab, acting as bridge between EU and US innovators. Additionally, Trust-IT was responsible for engaging with the community and handling activities related to dissemination, communication, and exploitation. The experiments funded by are published on the online catalog of funded experiments.


The TRUST-GRANTS™ calls management platform was adapted to the needs of different projects related to the open calls management and allowed managing every process from a single place: creation of the call form, call submission, evaluation, selection of the external evaluators, message board to interact with the admin team, discussion panel to interact with other evaluators and many other features.

The EU-US cooperation activities through the 5 Open Calls were completed with 120 applications to the 5 Open Calls, evaluated by 77 evaluators, 35 EU-US team funded and a total of 2.820.610 € allocated to collaboration on experimental platforms


The NGIAtlantic communication and engagement project has achieved the following results:

  • 1300 followers on LinkedIn
  • 560 followers on Twitter
  • 830+ registered users on the website
  • 470+ users subscribed to the newsletter
  • 45+ news pieces published on the web platform
  • 46 videos published on youtube
  • 11.177+ Total video views
  • 10 webinars
  • 5 workshops

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