Brief description

OntoCommons tackles data interoperability through the use and promotion of ontologies and the orchestration of an Ontology Commons EcoSystem Toolkit.

Ontologies are fundamental to support the digitalisation of industry, contributing to standardisation and interoperability, proved in practice by an initial set of 11 industrial demonstrators, which is being expanded through an open call.


Nov 2020 to Oct 2023
ICT Standards & SW Excellence

Our role

Trust-IT plays a key role in setting up the project's platform, gathering a wide community and successfully organising the global workshops.

Moreover, Trust-IT promotes the set of focused workshop organised by the consortium partners and is responsible of the overall communication and dissemination.


Some of the OntoCommons communication project results achieved at the end of year 1:

  • 520+ LinkedIn and 360+ Twitter followers, already achieving the goals for year 3;
  • 880+ registered users on the website;
  • 550+ users subscribed to the newsletter.

Among the other activities that led to the above results, Trust-IT has played a crucial role in:

  • setting up the web platform and the OntoCommons Focused Areas for experts consultation;
  • organising the global workshop and creating the related digital promotional materials;
  • activating synergies with relevant initiatives on standardisation through participation in Technical Committees and Technical Working Groups on ontologies and standardisation.

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