Group description

This project group aims to develop monitoring systems that help improve the lifecycle of geothermal materials, making them resilient and lower production and maintenance costs. 

Our role

The joint dissemination activities were focussed on the following Dissemination Expert Packages (DEP - a set of pre-defined activities agreed with the Project Group):

  • Identification of similar projects to form a project group.
  • Mapping of relevant Stakeholders.
  • Creation of graphic material for joint activities.
  • Common Logo with payoff.
  • Fact sheet
  • 2 videos:
    • A general video.
    • A more extensive video that shows also the benefits for the Stakeholders. 
  • Capacity building to improve the group's communication and dissemination skills (Using Social Media, Promoting Events, Presentation and Pitch Tips) 
  • Policy brief to address challenges and recommendations in the geothermal energy sector

Interested in receiving free dissemination support?

The Horizon Results Booster (HRB) supports the effective transfer of research and innovation project results to policymakers, industry, and society by offering various services such as dissemination, exploitation strategy development, and business plan development to projects supported under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) or Horizon 2020 funding schemes related to the European Commission Priority areas. Trust-IT is one of the founding Partners of HRB and proudly delivers the Portfolio Dissemination services (Service 1, Module A and Module B).