Group description

PAPERCHAIN is a group of two projects (PaperChain and PulpandFuel) addressing different but complementary areas of circular economy assessing the use of industrial waste in several sectors with practical uses cases. The project group was organised and supported by the Horizon Results Booster programme (HRB) of the European Commission.

The projects aimed to create impact in three main areas:

  • Energy optimisation. Both projects address how to get the maximum benefit of the residual streams through different ways, namely enzymatic hydrolysis and hydrothermal gasification.
  • Prevention of waste landfilling. Both projects valorise different waste streams.
  • Alternative secondary raw materials, for external companies and economic sectors or for Chemical process industries within the mill.

And as a consequence of the former points both projects have the ultimate goal to increase the pulp industry's sustainability and competitiveness.

Our role

Based on the recommendations given in HRB Module A and subsequent exchanges and meetings with the project group, Trust-IT supported the two projects in the set up and practical organisation of a joint workshop held during the EU Green Week 2021.
The workshop was held in a virtual format on 03.06.2021 and was focused on how Europe is addressing the challenges to the shift towards a circular economy - in terms of technical innovation, possible opportunities and new potential business models.
Trust-IT provided various types of activities for event organisation and support:

  • Strategic guidance on the concept and focus of the workshop.
  • Agenda design & logistics.
  • Definition of Event script, moderation notes and structure of the panel sessions.
  • Promotional campaign design.
  • Messaging and recruiting speakers and participants.
  • Production of a post-workshop report.


After two very interesting presentations by PulpAndFuel Project and The Paperchain Project, the interesting debate on the #circulareconomy of the paper sector begins. 
Thanks Niccolò Zazzeri and Kirsty Macdonald from the #HorizonResultsBooster

The Paperchain project

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